Today is the March for Life, the biggest gathering that pro-life activists every year.

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It point out the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Roe v. Wade claimed abortion for essentially any reason at any time in America to be a constitutional right.

Marco has called the decision legally and morally bankrupt.

For me, the issue of abortion and also life is not a political issue. It"s a person rights issue.

— Marco Rubio (
marcorubio) January 16, 2016

Marco will defend chaste life together President, together he"s done his whole career.

Meanwhile, democrats hold excessive views on abortion.

Hillary is no exception. Let"s run through her record:

She protest the successful bipartisan effort to finish the gruesome exercise of partial bear abortion.

She wants your taxpayer dollars invested on abortions in America.

That"s to be barred by federal legislation for decades.

She believes we must fund groups that carry out abortion overseas, choose Planned Parenthood.


She defends abortions ~ 20 weeks, when infants are fully formed babies who can feel pain.

She supported democratic efforts to threat a federal government shutdown in order to keep sending millions come Planned Parenthood.

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She thinks the proof of horrifying practices at planned Parenthood are just a right-wing "attack."

Hillary"s views are extreme. Marco looks forward to exposing them, and defending the rights of the unborn as president.

Marco Rubio, press Release - Reminder: Hillary Clinton has INSANELY extreme Abortion Views digital by Gerhard Peters and also John T. Woolley, The American task

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