Five-star hotels space properties that market their guests the highest possible levels of deluxe through personalized services, a vast variety of amenities, and innovative accommodations. Though there is no standard rating device for hotels, properties earn five-star difference by giving guests experiences that fulfill or exceed also the highest possible of expectations for comfort, décor, and luxury.

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5 Star Hotel Criteria

Though a high-end hotel may share numerous five-star hotel characteristics, a true five-star hotel should meet all this criteria:

5-Star Service

Five-star hotel employees have to be polite, attentive, discreet, and also can guess guests’ needs. All-in-all, consistently flawless excellence is the expectation.

Standalone concierge staff available at least 16 hours a dayA high staff-to-room ratio—ideally above 2.5Multilingual staff24-hour reception, room service, valet parking, butler, doormanNightly turndownEasy communication with hotel staff - even via message or appDaily housekeeping that is also easily accessible upon request at any kind of timeLaundry, ironing, dried cleaning, and also shoe polishingGuest elevators separate from staff elevatorsLuggage warehouse in which bags space out that guest viewFine dining restaurant(s) and a standalone lounge and/or barTransfers and executive or home carChildcare options

5-Star In-Room Amenities

Electric safeLaundry bagsFull-length mirror with lightingFlat-screen TV with global programmingStocked mini barSelection of daily newspapersWifiSpecialty night lightingAt least four species of spa treatmentsOutlets for an individual electronics, specifically extra USB plugs

5-Star Comfort

Guest rooms have to be plush and inviting—especially the bed (ideally, over there is a storage foam bed with high thread count sheets)Pillow menuBlackout shadesBathrobes, slippers, luxury toiletries, and huge fluffy towelsNight light in wade areas and also bathroomsPoolside daybeds, umbrellas, lotions, ice cream water, attendants, and food and also beverage service


As an ext hotels aspire to five-star quality, we mean to check out the an extremely best hotels advance the standards of luxury. Here is what will end up being standard to every five-star many hotels soon:

Remote accessibility to room lighting, climate, and also "do not disturb"Upgraded coffee machinesSmart TV features with accessibility to streaming servicesBluetooth-enabled door locks

Who awards hotels 5 stars? 

There is no universal typical for hotel ratings. 

Terms such as Deluxe/Luxury, first Class/Superior, traveler Class/Standard, and also Budget Class/Economy are much more widely welcomed as hotel types, no hotel standards.

In phibìc America, AAA hotel ratings room from 1 to 5 diamonds. The Forbes (Mobil) take trip Guideonly ranks 4- and 5-star hotels.

In Europe, the Hotelstars Union has actually standard hotel star ratings applicable to properties for more than 15 countries. Switzerland uses hotelleriesuisse i m sorry confirms a specific level of high quality service, infrastructure, and equipment. The UK offers the Automobile Association"s (AA) 1-to-5 star ratings.

Many other nations have laws to define hotel rating criteria.

In new Zealand, Qualmark, part of Tourism brand-new Zealand, qualities hotels native 1 to 5 stars.

In Australia, the Auto Clubs (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RAA and also RACT) have awarded hotels star ratings that incorporate guest feedback. The ratings space now controlled by the Australian Tourism market Council (ATIC).

In the Philippines, the Department of Tourism maintains hotel rating criter with a device that qualities properties between 1 and 5 stars.

The Tourism Grading council of southern Africa (TGCSA) grades hotels based upon strict criteria and conditions in 6 categories.

India"s classifications are handled through the Ministry that Tourism"s Hotel and Restaurant Association group Committee (HRACC). The categories space 1 to 5 Stars and also 5 Star Deluxe as well as categories for heritage: heritage Grand, heritage Classic, and also Heritage Basic.

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While it might be good for marketing, there are no 7-star or 6-star hotels

In enhancement to conference the criteria above, all of the Five Star Alliance hotels must preserve a high degree of satisfaction native guests across review sites and via feedback listed directly come us.