Only 2,700 examples of the auto had been developed when manufacturing was halted since of the coronavirus.

The 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette, the very first to function a mid-engine layout, is quickly one that the many anticipated American car in recent memory. It likewise may rotate out come be among the rarest.

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Thanks to two significant production delays, just 2,700 instances of the brand-new ‘Vette had actually rolled turn off the heat by the time manufacturing was halted at general Motors’s Bowling green plant in March because of the coronavirus outbreak, according to customer Guide. It’s still unclear when work-related will resume in ~ the factory, the only one where the top sports auto is built, or just how many an ext will be created when it does.

Though the C8 produced plenty of excitement buzz when it to be announced critical summer, it’s traveled a treacherous road ever since. Manufacturing of the auto was delayed till the beginning of this year since of the 40-day UAW strike last fall, a relocate that prompted GM slash planned production by 20 percent, follow to Autoblog. That course, the setback was minor compared to the one lugged on by coronavirus outbreak, which observed Chevrolet’s parent firm halt production at all of its us facilities. No brand-new Corvettes have actually been built due to the fact that March 20.

So will manufacturing of the C8 remain stalled at 2,700? once reached because that comment by Robb Report, a spokesperson for GM said, “when the tree resumes we will certainly continue building 2020 version year vehicles.” The representative could not provide details top top how numerous 2020 design year ‘Vettes would eventually be produced.

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Whenever manufacturing of the 2020 C8 resumes, it’s unlikely to enhance that the the 2019 Corvette, the critical iteration that the above car’s seventh generation. Much more than 34,000 instances of that vehicle rolled turn off the line, almost 3,000 that which to be the high-performance ZR1 model, follow to Autoblog. Manufacturing of the C8 likewise seems i can not qualify to complement the volume of the 1990 model (23,464 examples), the 2000 version (33,682) and also 2010 version (12,194). What’s more, the manufacturing facility is only scheduled to produce the 2020 design until September, in ~ which allude it’s slated to switch over to structure the 2021 edition of the Corvette. As of press time, general Motors had actually revealed no intention come deviate from the schedule.

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