different in looks than a traditional copper penny, the 1943 steel penny"s value and also appearance do it remarkable to collectors and enthusiasts. The wartime history of this old coin is likewise fascinating to learn. Find out how to determine a steel penny native 1943 and also how to number out that value.

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history of the 1943 stole Wheat Penny

In 1943, the United says was in the middle of fighting people War II. Countless resources to be being sail to the war initiative - indigenous food and fuel to metals like copper. Previous and also subsequent pennies were made that copper, however the 1943 penny is different. Because ammunition and also electrical wires had to it is in crafted from copper throughout the war, the us Mint decided to make the 1943 penny the end of steel instead. The pennies were produced in all 3 US Mints: san Francisco, Philadelphia, and also Denver. Each penny had a slim coating the zinc over a stole base, providing it a distinctive silver color.

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How plenty of 1943 stole Pennies space There?

In 1943, the united state Mint developed 648,628,000 steel pennies, according to Coin Trackers. Soon after they were produced, people began to notification problems with these steel pennies. If the zinc coating come off, the steel started to rust, specifically along the edges of the coins. In later on years, the united state Mint started to collect and destroy stole pennies, however many of this still exist today, making stole pennies rather common. The vital is detect one in uncirculated condition. Uncirculated stole pennies are much rarer.

exactly how to recognize a 1943 steel Penny

identify a 1943 stole penny is fairly easy. Top top one side, you"ll watch Lincoln"s head and also the date 1943, and also on the other, you"ll watch the wheat architecture used in larger pennies. Next to the distinctive silver color, stole pennies have another identifying feature. They"re magnetic. Copper pennies are not magnetic; if you host a magnet alongside an ordinary copper penny, it won"t stick. However, if you host a magnet next to a steel penny, it sticks just like it walk to your refrigerator.


exactly how Much Is a 1943 stole Penny Worth?

since they are quite common, a 1943 penny in circulated problem is not worth much. According to USA Coin Book, a steel penny indigenous 1943 in circulated condition is worth between 16 cents and 53 cents. However, legacy Auctions sell 1943 stole pennies in pristine, uncirculated problem for much more than $1,000.

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Grading a 1943 steel Penny

Obviously, condition has a huge effect ~ above the 1943 penny values. The Numismatic guarantee Corporation supplies these grading guidelines:

poor - Coin rims are level or damaged and also details room indistinct. same - some details are visible. an excellent - Details are visible however not perfect. Very good - all details are readable. good - Raised locations are sharp and distinct. very fine - Coin is nearly perfect with just a little wear on the higher points the the design. Mint state - Coin is in the very same state as it to be struck.

Sample worths for 1943 stole Pennies

The best means to determine just how much her steel coin is precious is to have actually it appraised through a default professional. However, its only worth appraising if you doubt it may be valuable. Friend can obtain an idea around the worth by compare sales of similar coins:

1943: A Fascinating Year because that Pennies

If girlfriend love rare pennies, the 1943 stole wheat coin is just one of numerous interesting examples. The same year, an accident brought about some of the pennies gift struck in copper or bronze. These 1943 pennies room even more valuable 보다 their stole counterparts since of the mistake and also are amongst the most an useful pennies. Regardless, 1943 was an important year for pennies and also offers a fascinating glimpse at wartime history.

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