The Apollo astronauts controlled a walking rate of around 2.2km/h, i m sorry is around fifty percent of the usual speed on Earth. This is partly due to the fact that the Moon’s reduced gravity offers you much much less traction on the ground, but the Apollo spacesuits were never ever really designed v long-distance hikes in mind.

A 2014 NASA examine looked at the theoretical preferably walking speed on the Moon, finding that you can walk in ~ 5km/h before you would must break right into a loping run. At this speed, you would travel the 10,900km circumference of the Moon in 91 work of non-stop walking.

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luis trained as a zoologist, however now functions as a scientific research and an innovation educator. In his preventive time he build 3D-printed robots, in the hope the he will be spared when the change inevitably comes.




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