The latest estimate claims the federal government will spend $1.5 trillion much more than it takes in this year. Imagine what that method in state we have the right to all understand.

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Think critical year developed a tsunami that red ink because that the commonwealth government? Well, a $1.3 trillion deficit is nothing to sneeze at. Yet the Congressional budget plan Office has actually just come up v an calculation of exactly how much we’ll add to the nationwide debt in budget 2011: $1.5 trillion. That method an extra $1.5 trillion will be piled atop a hill of nationwide debt that currently exceeds $14 trillion. It’s hard for most of us to get our heads roughly such a colossal number.

But, seriously, just how much is $1 trillion? To help you wrap her head around that mind-boggling number, and to shot to put deficit spending into perspective, us did some psychological shopping:

See ours Slide present WHAT $1 TRILLIONWOULD BUY

$1 Trillion would Buy:41,999,160 brand-new CARS

The 2011 Toyota Prius II wins’s ideal in course honors for cars in the $20,000-to-$25,000 price range. In ~ a sticker price the $23,810 each, $1 trillion would let girlfriend buy a Prius for around 40% of every American families.

$1 Trillion would certainly Buy:5.6 typical AMERICAN HOMES

According to the latest numbers from the national Association the Realtors, the national mean price for existing single-family dwellings in the third quarter that 2010 to be $177,900. Over there are about 80 million detached, single-family dwellings in the U.S., according to the NAR and also the Census Bureau.

$1 Trillion would certainly Buy:140 BILLION hours OF LABOR

That’s calculated at the federal minimum fairy of $7.25 an hour. Still tough to obtain your mind around? How about this: One sunshine dollars is sufficient to hire every 2.8 million residents of the state the Kansas -- men, women and also children -- in full-time, minimum-wage jobs for the next 23 years.

$1 Trillion would certainly Pay:A year’s SALARY because that 18 MILLION TEACHERS

According to the National education Association, the median elementary institution teacher salary in the U.S. Is about $55,300. NEA approximates that over there are around 2 million elementary college teachers, so $1 trillion would cover their earnings for about 9 years.

$1 Trillion would certainly Pay:CONGRESS because that THE next 10,742 YEARS

The existing salary for rank-and-file members of the house of Representatives and also the U.S. Senate is $174,000. That's 535 lawgiver -- not counting your staffs or the extras payment to conference leaders..

$1 Trillion would Buy:THE STAR strength OF LEBRON JAMES for THE next 50,000 YEARS

A the majority of numbers are being thrown around about just exactly how much the basketball superstar will certainly be payment for playing for the Miami Heat. But let’s say it’s simply $20 million a year. At the rate, $1 trillion would cover the tab because that King James because that the next 50 millennia. Heck, King Tut was born less than 4 millennia ago.

$1 Trillion would Buy:1.33 TRILLION cacao BARS

Got a hankering for something sweet? A sweet $1 trillion will buy friend that numerous 1.55-ounce Hershey’s Milk coco bars at 75 cent apiece. That’s 64 million loads of chocolate, identical to the load of an ext than 150,000 Boeing 747-400s.

$1 Trillion would certainly Buy:4,000 CELEBRITY DIVORCE SETTLEMENTS

It’s been widely reported that Tiger Woods paid almost everywhere from $100 million come $750 million to settle the divorce native his wife, Elin Nordegren. Let’s assume it expense Tiger $250 million. At the rate, a sunshine dollars would cover plenty an ext tabloid breakups.

$1 Trillion would certainly Generate:$6.2 billion A MONTH guaranteed FOR LIFE

With the death of the agency pension arrangement -- and its exorbitant promise of continuous checks in retirement -- immediate-payout annuities are garnering more attention. These investments permit you profession a lump sum for a guarantee stream of revenue for the remainder of her life. Because that example, a 65-year-old man with a sweet 4 minutes 1 of a million colony egg to invest might buy an annuity that will pay him $1,549 a month.Even in ~ today’s record-low interest rates (the lower the attention rate, the more expensive that is to buy future income), $1 sunshine earns its way -- and also then some. The $6.2 billion monthly income number is because that men; since women live longer, top top average, $1 trillion would buy a 65-year-old mrs a little less. But having $5.8 exchange rate a month to fall ago on should aid cover some bills.

$1 Trillion would Earn:$12.9 billion OF INTERESTON A ONE-YEAR CD

Everyone knows the interest prices on financial institution accounts, money-market funds and also certificates the deposit room ludicrously low. But even at simply 1.29% -- the finest rate we could find newly -- $1 sunshine socked far in a one-year CD would certainly still yield a handsome return.

$1 Trillion would certainly PAY:56.8 MILLION U.S. Military PRIVATES

Annual basic pay because that an active-duty U.S. Military private with much less than 2 years of suffer is $17,611 a year. So $1 trillion goes a mighty lengthy way, even by armed forces spending standards. To placed that in perspective, 56.8 million is more than 100 time the total variety of active-duty soldiers in the military today.

$1 Trillion would Cover:19.2 MILLION AMERICAN families

Median family members income in the U.S. (half the households earn more, half earn less) to be $52,029 in 2008, according to the bureau of the Census. Over there are around 100 million households in the country, therefore $1 trillion is enough to sheathe the earnings of around one-in-five families.

$1 Trillion would certainly Pay:ESTATE count FOR2,871 BILLIONAIRES

Congress has actually reinstated the commonwealth estate tax – at least for the next pair of years – with a 35% level rate after a $5 million exemption. Still, $1 trillion would certainly cover the taxes early on 2,871 taxable chateaus of $1 billion each.

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$1 Trillion would certainly Buy:$1 MILLION safety A day FOR nearly 3,000 YEARS

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