Mars is the fourth planet native the sun, and is conveniently visible in the night sky – even without a telescope! once looking at the sky, you may see the stars twinkling. You have the right to look for the difference in between a star and a earth by keeping an eye the end for ‘stars’ that don’t twinkle, or ones the look like level circular discs in the sky. Mars has a reddish colour that deserve to be seen with the naked eye.

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The time the it bring away to acquire to Mars from planet can be in between 150 and also 300 days, depending on where Mars is in relationship to Earth, the speed of the launch, and also the specific travel path that is taken. The distance between Earth and also Mars is continuous changing, depending on their family member positions in your orbits. The closest the they have ever before been (in videotaped history) remained in 2003, when they were 34.8 million mile (56 million km) apart.

NASA’s Mariner 4 spacecraft to be the very first to do the journey to Mars, in 1964. It took 228 work to with Mars, and also took a variety of photographs when it arrived. Mariner 6 to be next, in 1969. It take it slightly less time: just 156 days. Mariner 7 took 131 days, and Mariner 9 took 167 days. Mariner 9 to be the an initial spacecraft come orbit about Mars.

The spacecraft that was introduced from planet the fastest to be NASA’s new Horizons, which left planet in 2006 at a rate of 36,000 miles per hour (58,000 km per hour). If Mars to be at that closest come Earth, it could have taken brand-new Horizons as tiny as 39 work to with Mars!


Mars is, top top average, 55 million km away native Earth, however spacecraft can’t just fly right there. Mars and also Earth room both orbiting the sun, which means that once a spacecraft is launched from planet it has to be aimed at where Mars is going come be, not wherein Mars at this time is at the moment of the launch.

The other element that demands to it is in taken into account is fuel. An ext fuel can enable the spacecraft to travel quicker – but much more fuel is additionally heavier. The spacecraft requirements to make sure it carries sufficient fuel to get to Mars and back, yet not so much that it renders the spacecraft too heavy to fly.

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NASA scientists use what is referred to as a Hohmann carry Orbit – this is a an approach of take trip that sends a spacecraft from planet to Mars v the the very least amount that fuel. It functions by placing the spacecraft into a progressively increasing orbit – it progressively gets further and further out, come the point where the spacecraft’s orbit intersects through the orbit the Mars. By calculating precisely where Mars will certainly be at any type of given allude in time, scientists can ensure that the spacecraft intersects through Mars’ orbit in ~ the allude where Mars will certainly be.

In recent years, various organisations have proposed establishing a permanent nest on Mars. The “Mars One” organisation even proposes to create a person settlement on Mars by 2025!