Love your phone and also number, but want a super-fast network, heartfelt service, and exclusive uses from our awesome partners? come on over!

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Switch come Virgin add to & end up being a Member

If you"re v us, you"re a Member! and Members acquire exclusive offers, a shot in ~ VIP access, and also one-of-a-kind experiences. Here"s exactly how to switch over:


Activate your prepaid phone

Activating her prepaid phone online is easy. All you require is a Virgin add to prepaid center card and also an unlocked or compatible phone. Activate now.


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USING A center CARD through YOUR PHONE

Bringing over My Phone and Number come Virgin Plus.

exactly how do i insert it into my phone?
Make sure your call is rotate off. Lift the battery casing in ~ the ago of your phone to find he sim card slot. Insert your sim card into this slot.

Heads-up! In most instances the sim card slot is located under the battery cover. If girlfriend can’t uncover the slot please check your phone’s hand-operated to uncover out where it is.

If you have an iPhone, here"s what come do:

turn off her iPhone through holding down the "Sleep" switch on height until the "Slide To power Off" slider appears. On slide the slider to the ideal to power down your iPhone. Push the small end that the sim eject tool into the small hole ~ above the bottom that the center card tray come eject the tray. Once on portrait setting (with "Home" button on bottom), the center card tray is located on the ideal side that the iPhone. Eliminate the iPhone"s center card tray by closely pulling it away from the device. Put the microSIM map inside the tray and push it earlier inside so the you hear a slim click sound. Once you’re done, the center tray do not do it slide out.

There room two ways to activate your SIM:

If you"re ~ above a Prepaid plan, acquire hooked up online. If you"re having trouble then provide us a shout at 1-888-999-23211-888-999-2321.

Get started

exactly how do I inspect if my non-Virgin add to phone or tablet will work-related on Virgin Plus"s network?
If you"ve got a non-Virgin add to phone that uses HSPA technology, it might be compatible through our network. Because of all the different phones and also smartphones the end there, the means you"ll set up data counts on her phone. Part services could be various or can not be obtainable if you"re using a phone from a various company.
part services might be various or have not on your non-Virgin add to HSPA phone. If her phone is compatible with our network and also we can activate it, you should be able to make calls and send & obtain text messages. You can not be able to set up your web services on a non-Virgin to add phone. Sorry, however we can"t set data services on a non-Virgin plus phone for you
revolve off your iPad through holding down the "Sleep" switch on height until the "Slide To power Off" slider appears. Slide the slider come the ideal to power under your iPad. Press the tiny end of the sim eject tool right into the little hole on the bottom of the center card tray come eject the tray. Once viewed ~ above portrait mode (with "Home" button on bottom), the center card tray is located on the left side of the iPad towards the bottom. Remove the iPad"s sim card tray by closely pulling it far from the device. Placed the microSIM map inside the tray and also push it ago inside so that you listen a slight click sound. As soon as you"re done, the center tray have to not slide out


Head"s up! You"ll require a sim eject device to install her microSIM. Friend should"e received one v your brand-new iPad.

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open up the covering of the sim card slot on the right side of the device. Climate insert your Virgin Plus center card. Ar the center card into your Tab v the gold-coloured contacts encountering down.
close the cover of the sim card slot.