Tony Romo walk from one undrafted also-ran come a true franchise quarterback in the span of a couple of seasons, yet his storied career ended Tuesday when the 36-year-old retires to pursue a broadcasting career. 

Romo will go into broadcasting after ~ the Dallas Cowboys exit him Tuesday. The Cowboys have turned in the paperwork to officially relinquish his future NFL rights, per ESPN"s Todd Archer.

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Romo tweeted a picture wearing a CBS sports jacket: 

Romo will change Phil Simms and be paired with Jim Nantz as CBS" top video game analyst, follow to Sports company Daily"s John Ourand, who added more details concerning Romo"s decision:

Just a couple of main ago, Fox was taken into consideration the front-runner to land Romo, since it tote the NFC package the Romo knows so well. However a worry for Romo to be that one more former Cowboys QB, Troy Aikman, is the net"s peak NFL game analyst, and also he is not most likely to leaving the booth any type of time soon. 

"We are pointing out with Phil his future role with CBS Sports," said CBS in a statement, per Ourand.

ESPN"s Adam Schefter and Archer"s report the Cowboys space expected to designate Romo together a post-June 1 cut, an interpretation the signal-caller will count $10.7 million against the salary cap in 2017 and $8.9 million in 2018. The relocate will clear $14 million in lid space.

Schefter and Archer reported that Romo"s decision to retire to be health-related, including that he "believes his family and also his wellness are paramount currently in his life." They included that Romo educated Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that his an option to walk far "for now."

An unnamed NFL executive, management told Schefter that Romo "is currently every team"s emergency back-up QB in instance your starter gets hurt, pay him come come out of "retirement.""


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Mike Freeman that Bleacher Report included that "almost everyone" he"s talked to in NFL front offices believes Romo will certainly play in the future.

Schefter previously reported Fox sports wanted Romo to change John Lynch, who took end as basic manager the the mountain Francisco 49ers, top top its broadcast team before his reported commitment with CBS.

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Injuries marred the end of Romo"s career.

He to be plagued by shoulder problems throughout 2015, and also his 2016 season never gained off the ground after he endured a compression fracture the his L1 vertebrae in the Cowboys" 3rd preseason contest against the Seattle Seahawks. 

Rookie Dak Prescott took end the offense, and Romo couldn"t restore his project after the Cowboys walk 13-3 and captured an NFC east title before the environment-friendly Bay Packers bounced them native the playoffs.

Even despite didn"t lead the Cowboys to a Super bowl title throughout his 15 seasons in Dallas, Romo was one of the league"s premier passers during his heyday.

Tony Romo's job Stats
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The east Illinois product led the Cowboys come a 13-3 finish and also NFC east title in 2007, and he assisted them repeat the feat in 2009 and 2014.

Romo perfect his career with 4 Pro bowl selections and a 2014 second Team All-NFL nod, and he perfect 65.3 percent that his passes because that a franchise-record 34,183 yards, 248 touchdowns and also 117 interceptions over 10 periods as Dallas" starter.

While that would have actually been fair had Romo to express his frustration through the franchise"s decision to let Prescott take over also after he healed, the veteran tackled his demotion v grace in ~ a November press conference.

"Dak Prescott, and what he"s done, he"s earned the right to be our quarterback," Romo said, every the New York Times" Benjamin Hoffman. "As difficult as the is for me come say, he"s earned the right."

However, Romo revealed at the time that that still had actually a desire to suit up top top Sundays.

"If girlfriend think for a second I don"t want to be out there, climate you more than likely never feel the pure ecstasy of competing and also winning," he said. "That hasn"t left me. In fact, it might burn now an ext than ever."

Some time come ponder the future evidently changed Romo"s mind, but his decision to step away indigenous the game shouldn"t readjust how his career is assessed in the long run.

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