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This week’s topic: how Many much more Seasons will certainly Bucs QB Brady Play?

Scott Reynolds: The Bucs have to Keep The Veteran QB Pipeline Flowing

The quick, simple answer is two much more seasons because that Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. He’ll it is in 45 throughout the 2022 season and I think that will be his last year in the NFL. However I’m much more concerned about the sequence plan that general manager Jason Licht comes up through to help carry the Bucs right into the future in ~ the quarterback position. There to be a big reason why Tampa only went lacking from the playoffs between 2008-2019 – quarterback play.


Former Bucs QB Jameis Winston – photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Jeff Garcia to be on his last leg at period 38 throughout the 2008 season, and the combination of Byron Leftwich and also rookie mockery Freeman, the team’s first-round pick in 2009, only produced three wins the following year together Raheem Morris changed Jon Gruden as the team’s head coach. Freeman gave way to Mike Glennon in 2013, that gave method to mockery McCown in 2014, that gave method to Jameis Winston in 2015 with a few games of Fitzmagic sprinkled in indigenous Ryan Fitzpatrick. When McCown and also Fitzpatrick weren’t the cost-free agent services at the QB position that Brady is, I’m a big believer in finding another totally free agent quarterback to eventually replace Brady once the time comes.

I’m not sure if Bruce Arians will certainly still it is in coaching in 2023 after ~ Brady departs, as his contract will certainly be up, too. But Arians had success in Arizona in 2013 v a veteran reclamation project like Carson Palmer, much like Gruden had in Tampa Bay with Brad Johnson in 2002, Brian Griese in 2005 and Garcia in 2007, which to be the last three times the Bucs have actually won the NFC southern division. After see Tampa only waste 5 years v Freeman in ~ the helm indigenous 2009-13 and Winston under center from 2015-19 I’m done through finding saviors in ~ the quarterback position through the draft. For every Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson there are many much more guys prefer Josh Rosen, Brandon Weeden, Blake Bortles, E.J. Manuel, Christian Ponder, Paxton Lynch, Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, Jake Locker … well, you obtain the point. Whether it’s Arians or somebody else in 2023 – have a veteran replace Brady. Heck, I’d even take a 33-year old Blaine Gabbert over an additional rookie QB in Tampa Bay.

Mark Cook: Two more And that Walks Away through At the very least One more Ring

With Tom Brady noþeles is possible. He is a freak that nature and hasn’t yes, really shown any type of signs of slowing down. Brady might conceivably play an additional three or four years if the stays fairly healthy. But he could end up divorce if that plays much more than the next two seasons. Gisele Bündchen request him immediately after the at sight Bowl, “What perform you have left come prove?”. It’s a valid concern that Brady will certainly attempt come answer the following two seasons.


Bucs QB Tom Brady – picture by: USA Today

I would have actually said 2021 would certainly be his critical season a main ago, but after his brand-new extension and the method the contract is structured, if he were to go after the 2021 season, the Bucs would need to absorb a substantial cap hit and also Brady isn’t most likely to rod the franchise with that form of problem that would put them in a Matt Ryan/Falcons type hole.

With the said, my money is on 2 seasons and then he finally hangs up his magical, spring of youth cleats. In the following two years I view Brady go off right into the Gulf the Mexico sunset through eight ring solidifying his place as the greatest quarterback ever – not that there is much of a question now. Not just will Brady it is in the finest ever in NFL history, but he joins the legendary condition club of experienced athletes prefer Micky Mantle, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Gain these following two seasons, Bucs fans. We room witnessing background and other we deserve to tell ours grandchildren around one day.

Jon Ledyard: Two an ext Years Seems prefer The Sweet Spot because that Brady

How long Brady dram is important anyone’s guess, however I think two an ext seasons seems prefer the sweet spot. The would permit Brady to retire ~ his age-45 season, v three strong runs with the Bucs in the books. Clearly his physical capacity has somehow not declined after 21 seasons, so at this suggest anticipating a sudden drop-off in pat seems prefer a garbage of time.

The tricky component will be how the Bucs take care of the ultimate retirement of Brady, choosing in between going all-in over the next few seasons or if lock opt to look for their future starter in the draft prior to the winningest quarterback in NFL history hangs that up. The Bucs roster looks favor it’ll be great for awhile, for this reason drafting high sufficient to quickly land their following franchise quarterback appears unlikely there is no a trade-up. That way that stockpiling future breeze resources, even in the 2021 draft if possible, is miscellaneous the team have to be strong considering.

Of course, the Bucs could constantly opt for another veteran ~ Brady, quite than plugging in a rookie top top a roster that will be laden through veteran talent at that allude in time. Aaron Rodgers’ name has been thrown roughly by Bucs pan half-jokingly, however he’ll it is in entering the last year of his contract after the 2021 and also 2022 seasons, v the Packers perhaps still wait to hand the reins come Jordan Love, who would be entering his fourth year in the league. 2023 is a long method off, however if I’m betting now, that’s the year that Brady lastly calls the quits and Rodgers is likely looking for a brand-new home…which just could be in Tampa Bay.

Matt Matera: Three more Seasons for Brady Wouldn’t be Shocking

They say father time is undefeated, yet Tom Brady is going toe to toe v him. I think it it s okay overlooked the he continues to pat at together a high level in ~ the stunning period of 43. Speak what you want around the TB12 method, yet it it s okay results and it’s allowed Brady to play this long. There’s a factor that Mike Evans discussed he offered it when rehabbing his knee injury, together it acquired him prepared to do in the postseason after injuring it in week 17. Also Bruce Arians stated that his household uses it.

It could sound wild, but I feeling like also after to win a supervisor Bowl with the Bucs, Brady feels the the offense still hasn’t got to the can be fried highest capability they deserve to go to together a an excellent offense in the video game of football. It’s nearly absurd come say out loud due to the fact that he threw because that 40 touchdowns and 4,633 yards, which were the second and third highest totals in his entire career.

At the end of the day, if you save winning supervisor Bowls, why would you stop? Brady has actually one v the Bucs and no one would be surprised if that wins a 2nd and possibly a third. You view the articles on society media, as soon as he won Super bowl number seven, not lengthy after he’s talking about winning one eighth. He is just developed differently 보다 others. He’ll always have that chip ~ above his shoulder from gaining overlooked in the draft, but it’s thrust him to win all of these championships and also become the biggest of all time. Ns think Brady plays one more three seasons, and also it i will not ~ be shocking if he played more. We’ll obviously watch him in the room Of Fame and a Ring Of respect induction will come too.

Taylor Jenkins: Brady has actually Two much more Seasons In Him… at Least

Tom Brady has regularly made the debate that he wants to play till he access time 45-years-old, and while people have argued that time will certainly eventually capture up with the seven-time Super key champion, that isn’t showing any signs that slowing under after 4,633 pass yards and 40 touchdowns en course to yet another Lombardi Trophy and also yet an additional Super key MVP award at age 43.

With his most recent expansion Brady is currently under contract v Tampa Bay through at the very least the 2022 season which would certainly take him right to the benchmark the 45. And while the Bucs can’t maybe expect to store this core with each other forever, they’ve obtained a few really young position teams with a championship-caliber roster quiet going solid into the 2021 season and they’re ready to instantly jump right back into the Super key conversation. Through that gift the case, I fully expect Brady to play out his expansion with Tampa Bay at minimum.

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Maybe there will be a day in the next pair of years where that rapid decline in his pat comes and time eventually catches up with Brady, as we’ve seen through quarterbacks like attracted Brees and Peyton Manning, yet we’ve been waiting on the to occur for 7 or eight year now. Probably – hit on timber – it’ll be an unforeseen injury that eventually forces him into retirement. However what has end up being painfully noticeable is the we’re watching an ageless wonder, so to speak. Brady is not only playing at an extremely high level in general, he’s doing that well right into his forties! In fact, Brady has actually racked up a career’s precious of success with three Super key appearances, 2 championships and two Super key MVPs since transforming 40. Therefore while I think Brady will play his following two year under contract v the Bucs, ns wouldn’t preeminence out that playing previous that. The real concern will then become whether those future periods come in a red and pewter or even if it is the Bucs eventually decide to move on indigenous the climate 45-year-old legend.