With standard TBC we check out Blizzard again present the phased release of content. One major change is Blizzard altering the actual relax of raid content to much better fit the pace of Classic.

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In Classic, we saw Blizzard match the release patch release of Vanilla content with a step of relax for Classic. While we saw a few things altered, such together BG releases and the honor system, because that the many part, every phase was tied to a content patch. Because that TBC, however, Blizzard looks collection to readjust that, especially for phase 1 and 2.

What patch will TBC classic launch with?

TBC standard will use the patch 2.4.3 TBC client. This means like Classic, we’ll see the finish of expansion course tuning, fairly than the TBC start tuning. This won’t affect the bosses, however, together they’ll beginning in their initial state, bar any unkillable bosses.

What content will certainly be included in each phase?

Phase 2 - Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest keep releasedPhase 3 - Hyjal, black color TemplePhase 4 - Zul’amanPhase 5 - Sunwell Plateau relax alongside brand-new daily search hub

When will each phase of TBC classic release?

Phase 1 will certainly launch once TBC standard goes live on June 1st. Together for the various other phases, we won’t recognize a date until closer to their release. If we assume Blizzard speed it out prefer Classic, we’d suppose content to drop in 4-6 month intervals.

When will each PvP season start?

With TBC Classic, one point that’s changing is the means Arena, and also PvP balance will work. Because that a start, we’ll be getting Arena Season 1 at launch, with what would have been Season 4 balance changes. Ultimately, this renders for an unknown human being of Arena. Through Season 1 items (bar the old beginning raids) however Season 4 balance changes.

The Nagrand Arena will certainly be organize to numerous an Arena complement during TBC Classic

Phase 1 for Arena Season 1Phase 2 because that Arena Season 2Phase 3 for Arena Season 3Phase 4 - no new Arena SeasonPhase 5 for Arena Season 4

Blizzard brings #Changes

In a slim detour from the ideology of Classic, Blizzard has sought to make alters to TBC Classic, specifically the content release. The two most notable changes are the Tempest Keep and also Serpentshrine Caverns won’t launch at the very same time together TBC, instead, they’ll relocate to phase 2.

Ultimately, having actually both Tier 4 and Tier 5 raids the end at the very same time goes against Blizzard"s formula for contents releases. In OG TBC, however, the idea was to have Karazhan (releasing in step 1 as normal) together the smaller raid, through teams relocating onto the larger 25-man raids. In reality (and speak from experience) what taken place was guilds obtained stuck in Karazhan as feeder guilds for larger 25-man guilds feather to press content. This adjust should deal with that problem, allowing guilds more time to gear up prior to Phase 2.

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The second major change comes in PvP, specifically Arena. In TBC in ~ release, Arena Season 1 started soon after launch. The won’t change here, however, we’ll be working off of the Season 4 balance patch, do the TBC standard Arena Season 1 a really different affair. The remainder of the periods will release with each new phase, except for step 4 (Zul-Aman) which won’t bring a new Arena Season.