More often than not, NFL stars often tend to wrap their holdouts in so late August. That’s just enough time to drum up leverage, possibly land a new contract, and also suit up because that the season opener in September. That wasn’t the case for Melvin Gordon in 2019. 2 years ago today, Gordon ended his holdout after lacking the whole offseason program and also multiple main of action.


The running back was collection to go into his fifth-year option season and also wanted a rewarding new transaction to put among the highest-paid football player at his position. In the four years prior, Gordon averaged 907 yards and seven touchdowns ~ above the ground to add 46 catches, 395 yards, and three scores with the air. The Wisconsin product was named to the pro Bowl in both 2016 and also 2018, for this reason he plainly had a case.

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Gordon’s holdout was regarded as unlikely to stretch the entire season. Per league rules, Gordon had actually to report prior to Week 10 in order to qualified for free agency the adhering to year. Still, Le’Veon Bell‘s 2018 saga v the Steelers had actually everyone top top edge. Because that weeks, the word was that Gordon would certainly probably cut it near by arriving at the halfway allude of the year.

The star running earlier didn’t go quite that far. That didn’t dress for mainly 4, but the Chargers put him ago in the lineup because that Week 5. Unfortunately, the Chargers still went 3-9 v Gordon on the field and finished the year 5-11. Gordon’s stats experienced too. That averaged simply 3.8 yards every carry, among the worst showings that his career.

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On the to add side, that stayed healthy and balanced throughout the three-quarters that a season, placing him in line because that a kind payday v the Broncos. Gordon’s two-year, $16MM deal didn’t quite fulfill his expectations, yet he still gained $13.5MM guaranteed. Now, Gordon’s in his to walk year as soon as again. This time around, he’s on pace for a better platform year. Gordon average 5.5 yards per bring in the Broncos’ an initial two contests and also notched his 47th career TD earlier today versus the Jets.