At the Maryland State department of Education, we are focused on the opening of Maryland colleges for full-time, in-person instruction this fall. Our work at MSDE will proceed to support regional school systems as they carry students ago to the classroom for a safe and successful college year. We worth our students, teachers and staff and look front to working with each other to make this the best school year yet!

For much more information on a local institution system"s booked return date and your policies, please visit our school system directory page.

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update on challenge Coverings in school Facilities
On august 26, 2021, the State plank passed a proposed emergency regulation come require masks inside all public schools in order come keep children safe and in classrooms rather 보다 quarantine. The emergency regulation was authorized on September 14, 2021.
for the authorized regulation, please visit: 
Emergency Mask necessity Regulation - confront Coverings
For existing health guidance, you re welcome refer to: Maryland School and also Child treatment COVID-19 Guidance (Revised  October 27, 2021)
Covid-19 Guidance, Resources and also Updates because that Maryland Schools and also Communitites

The Maryland State department of Education and multiple State agencies room collaborating on and are committed to the health and safety that students and also staff in the institution setting. Maryland Together: Maryland"s Recovery plan for Education sets the framework to safely return schools to in-person instruction, in addition to guidance native the Maryland room of Health and also other partners. Schools throughout the State have actually been opened safely and effectively; all neighborhood school systems have been command to open up for in-person indict by march 1, 2021.

Maryland School and Child treatment COVID-19 guidance (Revised October 27, 2021)

an answer to a Confirmed case of COVID-19 and Persons v COVID-19 symptoms in schools (Revised July 23, 2021)


School health and wellness Services commonly Asked inquiries (FAQ)

Maryland room of health School Resources

2021 Early Fall Assessments

ARP ESSER State Plan
MSDE"s plan for ESSR Funds approved by U.S. Room of Education
State plan for the American Rescue arrangement Elementary and secondary School Emergency Relief Fund
Maryland American Rescue plan Elementary and second School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) fund Application Stakeholder Engagement Report

News Releases

Maryland State board of Education and Maryland State room of education and learning Review college Masking requirement in special Virtual meeting Tuesday, November 16

Maryland State board of education Hosts Meeting Tuesday, October 26

Maryland State room of Education, Office of School and Community Nutrition programs Awarded 2021 Team Nutrition cultivate Grant

Maryland Recognizes nationwide School Bus safety Week October 18-22, 2021

Maryland State department of Education’s plan for ARP funds to assistance K-12 Schools and Students Approved

Baltimore County center School Teacher Brianna Ross named 2021-2022 Maryland Teacher of The Year

Maryland State plank of education and learning Hosts conference Tuesday, September 28th

Maryland State department of education and learning Awards over $4 Million come Maryland schools to provide Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Students

Maryland State room of education and learning Awarded 2021 farm yard to institution Grant

new Masking requirement Effective instantly for all Maryland publicly Schools

Maryland State department of education and learning Builds brand-new Leadership Team 
Maryland Students go back to Full, In-Person discovering for 2021-2022 institution YearMaryland State board of education and learning Hosts Special Meeting Wednesday, 

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September 8