WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — previous President Donald Trump"s historic 2nd impeachment trialis collection to begin Tuesday v a sense of urgency behind the from both Democrats and Republicans.

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With initiatives underway, the very first president to be impeached double is also the very first to confront such a trial after ~ leaving the White House. It"s a subject of discussion expected to kick-start the attempt process. Members of Congress will certainly ask the question: Is this legitimate under the Constitution?

But prior to we breakdown what you can expect and when all of this will certainly be over, let"s look back at exactly how we arrived on this day.

Just an ext than a month ago, a pro-Trump mob, that Democrats speak was encouraged by his call to "fight favor hell" come overturn the election,stormed the U.S. Capitol and also staged an insurrection.

In the aftermath, several world were injured, significant arrests were made and also five people, including a protester and U.S. Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick, lost their stays as a an outcome of the many violent siege Congress observed in much more than 200 years.

Then ~ above Jan. 13, the U.S. Home of to represent impeached the then-president ~ above the charge of "incitement of insurrection." as soon as filing their document House impeachment lawyers declared the previous president had actually "betrayed the American people."

“His incitement the insurrection versus the united States government — i beg your pardon disrupted the relaxed transfer of power — is the most grievous constitutional crime ever committed by a president," the democracy said.

The short answer:It"s most likely the trial will certainly take around a week, with a vote expected at an early stage in the mainly of Feb. 15.

“I’m pleased that all parties - the managers, previous president’s counsel and also Leader McConnell- have actually agreed to this arrangement to ensure a fair and honest bipartisan Senate impeachment psychological of Donald J. Trumped this week."

Proceedings officially got underway at 1 p.m. On Tuesday, Feb. 9 with four hours of arguments equally divided in between the impeachment managers and also the former president"s counsel.

Both political parties are arguing the constitutionality the the trial. A Senate vote will follow and also needs a simple majority, i m sorry is expected, to proceed.

Up come 16 hours per side will then be provided to existing their instance on Wednesday, Feb. 10 in ~ 12 p.m. Every side is offered no much more than two days to do their whole presentation.

After that, senators are provided a full of 4 hours to concern the 2 parties top top what they"ve heard.

Then there is the matter of witnesses. When it shows up there will be few called, there is still time sculpted out for disagreements on whether the Senate should think about motions come subpoena witnesses.

Most noticeably, Trump denied the request to testify under oath at his trial with his lawyers calling the case a "public relations stunt."

A trump card lawyer has withdrawn the request for attempt proceedings to involved a halt beginning 5 p.m. Friday through Saturdaydue come the Jewish Sabbath. This could lead come a vote coming come a head lot sooner than initially anticipated.

Once closing debates are reached, 4 hours equally divided in between both sides will certainly be allocated.

A Senate poll on the article of impeachment would immediately follow uneven senators ask for deliberation time.

Once the numerous days the proceedings concerned a head with the Senate vote, a two-thirds bulk would be necessary to convict Trump that the "incitement the insurrection" charge.

An acquittal would typical a success for the previous president and also his lawyers no matter exactly how short-lived it can potentially be.

Last month, after it to be made clear that Trump to be unlikely to be convicted, part senators floated a censure resolution. The is unclear right now if lock will push for a censure vote after the impeachment trial.


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