The ousted FBI manager will talk about the political firestorm surrounding his dismissal in one upcoming Senate knowledge Committee hearing, senators announced Friday.

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James Comey, the previous FBI director who sudden firing last week by president Trump sparked a massive political firestorm that has actually yet come abate, will testify in an open up hearing prior to the Senate intelligence Committee.

Senators Richard Burr and also Mark Warner, the committee’s Republican chair and Democratic evil chair, said Comey would speak part time after ~ Memorial job on might 29.

“The Committee looks front to receiving testimony from the previous Director ~ above his function in the development of the Intelligence community Assessment top top Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Elections, and I am hopeful that he will clarify for the American people recent occasions that have been broadly reported in the media,” Burr claimed in a statement.

Comey’s testimony is poised to be a potentially momentous occasion for the trumped presidency. The former director’s unforeseen ouster from the FBI sparked bipartisan concerns around potential White house interference in an recurring counterintelligence and also criminal investigation related come Russian interference in the 2016 election designed to rise Trump"s candidacy. Administration officials originally attributed the decision come a memo composed by Deputy Attorney general Rod Rosenstein the criticized Comey’s publicly statements regarding the investigation right into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Clinton has actually blamed *Comey"s actions* for she November defeat.

But chairman Trump himself undercut that narrative almost immediately, informing NBC News in an interview he had actually planned come fire Comey prior to seeing Rosenstein’s memo. The New York Times reported Friday Trump additionally privately told peak Russian public representative the next day in the Oval Office he had actually fired Comey because the director to be a “nut job,” and that his dismissal would certainly “relieve pressure” ~ above Trump native the Russia investigation.

The controversy culminated Wednesday in the meeting of Robert Mueller, Comey’s predecessor in ~ the FBI, as one-of-a-kind counsel through Rosenstein come oversee the Russia investigation. Mueller’s investigative portfolio has not only the cyberattacks targeting the democratic National Committee and Clinton project chairman john Podesta attributed come Russian knowledge agencies, but likewise the inquiry of whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Moscow to undermine Clinton’s campaign.

Mueller’s purview will also likely include the question of even if it is Trump or any kind of other management officials tried come interfere in or obstruct the federal probe. Lot of legal experts have warned that Trump’s comments on NBC News might be interpreted as proof of obstruction that justice. His Oval Office comment reported Friday by the Times deepened those concerns.

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“It is always hard to make a determination exterior a courtroom around the toughness of a legit case, yet this is disturbing,” stated Michael Gerhardt, a college of north Carolina law professor who studies impeachment proceedings. “A wire of voluntarily comments have been make acknowledging the Russian investigation was a an ideas for the shooting of Comey. Trump digs himself an ext deeply right into the feet he"s been digging because that a while.”

Whether Trump do the efforts to pressure Comey self will also likely it is in a main topic that his upcoming testimony. The Times reported previously this week Comey had actually drafted a memo detailing a February conversation with Trump in i m sorry the president urged Comey come drop an ongoing federal probe right into Michael Flynn, Trump’s previous national defense advisor. The memo is believed to it is in one of plenty of describing his interactions through Trump.

Democratic and also Republican lawgiver alike have actually expressed an interest in learning an ext about the memos and the occasions they describe. “Director Comey served his country with honor for plenty of years, and he deserves an chance to tell his story,” Warner said in a statement. “Moreover, the American world deserve an possibility to hear it.”