In 1994, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee met in Hollywood"s Sanctuary Club, every Biography. The attraction between the "Baywatch" babe and also the dirty rocker young was immediate, instantaneous, and undeniable. "He come up, ordered me, and also licked mine face," she claimed to Movieline (via the New York Post) in 1995. "I thought he was a cool, friendly, nice guy. I provided him mine number."

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They played a classic case of call tag till their following meetup a couple of weeks later, as soon as Anderson jetted turn off to Mexico because that a photoshoot. Lee followed her there, and according to E! News, they were married much less than 96 hrs after their second date in 1995. 

Fans knew that this to be going to an outcome in either the biggest love story of every time or the messiest implosion in modern memory. So, after the fateful wedding, exactly how long walk Pam Anderson and also Tommy Lee continue to be married? The answer might shock you.

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It"s difficult to believe, yet Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were just married for three years (from 1995 come 1998). The marriage produced two sons: Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger. But according come The Sydney Morning-Herald, Anderson and also Lee"s connection took a revolve for the worse when Lee accused kicked Anderson in the middle of a fight. Anderson was holding their then-infant son, Dylan, and also when she referred to as her parental to call them come come over, Lee allegedly assaulted her. The alleged assault left her with red clues on her skin and also torn fingernails, follow to the linked Press.

Lee ultimately pled no challenge to the assault, and per the AP, he offered six month in jail because that felony spousal abuse. 

But that"s nowhere near the finish of the story. Read on to uncover out about the third, and also final, thing of this wild rock"n"roll saga — since Anderson and also Lee aren"t done through each other, yet. 

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Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee got back together, briefly, in 2008. "We"ve only given it a shot 800 times — 801, here we go," Lee said Rolling stone at the moment (via People). "Pamela and the kids have relocated in through me. It"s awesome. It"s absolutely working." yet their reunion to be short-lived. 

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Then, a decade later on in 2018, Brandon cutting board Lee — now a legit adult — reportedly got into a fight v his father and knocked that unconscious. That"s once Anderson took to her blog to set the record straight about the alleged abuse and also Lee"s report alcoholism. "It"s terrible and also unfortunately he has made this exclusive matter an extremely public," she created of Lee. "I have constantly tried just to set record straight. Do the efforts to repaint him as no a negative guy. Just one that is human and made mistakes. That still cannot handle the guilt around his abusive behavior and has never taken duty for what he has done. Let"s expect this will be his conserving grace."

Despite every this, Anderson still acknowledges Lee"s function in she life. "There to be Tommy, and then there to be nobody else," she told people in 2015 (via Biography). "He to be the love of mine life... I had actually beautiful youngsters with him. My youngsters are grateful to be born out of true love."

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