Though many people assume the flood lasted just forty days and forty nights, the holy bible does no say that. Once the days of the flood room totaled we find that Noah and his family, as well as the animals, were in the ark a complete of 371 days. The scriptures says the following about what occurred: noah Leaves bible tell us when Noah gone into the ark: In the 6 hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the ten day of the month, on that day every the fountains of the great deep were damaged up, and also the windows of sky were opened (Genesis 7:11).The Bible likewise records once Noah and also his family members disembarked native the ark. and it involved pass in the six hundred and first year, in the an initial month, the first day the the month, the the waters to be dried increase from the earth . . . And in the 2nd month, top top the twenty-seventh job of the month, the earth was dried (Genesis 8:13,14).Hence, the people and also animals to be in the ark because that over one year. Chronology The chronology of occasions was together follows: The rain poured down in torrents because that the very first forty days and also nights. After that it continued to rain easy for the next one hundred and ten days. and the waters prevailed on the earth one hundred and also fifty days. Then God remembered boy name . . . The fountains the the good deep and also the windows of sky were likewise stopped and the rain from sky was border (Genesis 7:24, 8:1,2).The waters then abated because that the next seventy-four days until Noah could see the top of the mountains. and also the waters reduced continually. In the tenth month, ~ above the first day the the month, the top of the mountains were seen (Genesis 8:5).The seventy-four days have the right to be calculate by adding from the ten day that the seventh month till the first day of the tenth month. There were thirteen remaining days in the saturday month. The eighth and also ninth month were made up of thirty days each. The first day the the tenth month would be the seventy fourth day. forty days later Noah sent out a raven to view if the waters had abated (Genesis 8:6,7). seven days ~ this he sent out a dove which returned to the ark (Genesis 8:8,9). After one more seven days, he sent out the dove the end again which likewise returned. And he waited yet one more seven days before he again sent out the dove out from the ark (Genesis 8:10). Waited Longer The scriptures then records that that waited another seven days prior to sending out the dove the third time (Genesis 8:12). This time the dove did no return. Twenty-nine days later Noah eliminated the covering from the ark (Genesis 8:13). Fifty-seven days later on God told Noah to leaving the ark (Genesis 8:14-17). Summary When these numbers are added up they total 371 days: 150 days because that the rain, seventy-four days for the waters come abate, 7 days climate Noah sent the dove. He sent the dove a second time 7 days later, Noah sent out the dove for the last time after another seven days. Twenty-nine days after that Noah eliminated the extending from the ark and found the surface to it is in dry. Fifty-seven days later on Noah, his family and also the pets disembarked native the ark. Hence, the entire duration the the Flood, from start to end, lasted part 371 days.

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