The beforehand Years

Melissa Lynn Henning was born on October 7, 1979, in southern California. She joy, sweetness, and also angelic love for civilization were noticeable even as a little child. She to be darling. Lovely by all who knew her, she adored she family, friends, and also community but above all, Jesus.

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conference Jeremy Camp

In 1999, Melissa met Jeremy Camp, who was soon to end up being a well-known American modern-day Christian music singer and also songwriter, if worshiping at a small Bible study. They soon connected and their story began. Soon after dating, Melissa finished things so she wouldn’t be distracted native the plans God had actually for her.


Cancer Diagnosis

During Melissa and Jeremy"s time personal in the year 2000, Melissa to be devastatingly diagnosed v ovarian cancer. Upon discovery, that had currently spread transparent her whole abdomen including all significant organs and was in her liver. Jeremy Camp came to visit she in the hospital immediately following she diagnosis and sparks flew again.

Wedding / Honeymoon

Quickly after ~ the diagnosis, Melissa and Jeremy were engaged! lock planned your dream wedding and invited anyone they had ever before met to hear the great news of oh my god love. One month before their wedding, Melissa was healed of every tumors and also was cancer free. It was a miracle. They to be married ~ above October 21, 2000, and honeymooned in Oahu, Hawaii — her favorite location in the world.

last Moments

Days upon returning from their honeymoon, Melissa didn"t feel well. Castle soon uncovered her cancer was back and had spread almost everywhere her body. There to be nothing they could do and told she she had weeks to months to live. In ~ the period of 21, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp saw be through Jesus top top February 5, 2001, in ~ 12:05 a.m. She joyfully worshiped and praised the lord throughout her sickness till her last words.

The movie "I tho Believe"

"I still Believe" to be the first song Jeremy Camp created after Melissa’s death and also it came to be an immediate success throughout the world. Your story was newly turned into a major movie motion snapshot that seeks to share she faith and hope through the world. She would constantly say, “If simply one life involves know Jesus v my cancer, it will all be precious it.” and now millions will have the opportunity.

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Melissa loved Forest house Camp! Her belief grew greatly there as a camper, child care assistant and leader. When considering whereby to straight donations in she name, us knew she would certainly desire to send as many children to camp together possible.