“He’s the father of my son. He is the father of the best gift in mine life,” Bertinelli said Hoda and also Jenna.

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Valerie Bertinelli ~ above Eddie van Halen: 'It's a different kind the love'

Feb. 18, 202103:09
Valerie Bertinelli continues to mourn the lose of ex-husband Eddie valve Halen.

While showing up Thursday on now with Hoda & Jenna, the actor and also host the the collection “Valerie’s house Cooking” said she is quiet grappling v his death.


“It’s weird. Grief dead is miscellaneous I never ever thought would occur to me. Ns don’t want to talk about it right now, however I knew the male for 40 years. Ns was 20 as soon as I met him. I still love him. We invested a most time together. He’s the father of mine son. He’s the dad of the greatest gift in my life,” she stated as picture of him showed up on the screen, causing her come choke up.

Bertinelli, 60, and also Van Halen were married native 1981 till 2007 and share son Wolfgang, 29. ~ the couple went their different ways, valve Halen married Janie Liszewski, if Bertinelli married Tom Vitale. In spite of that, Bertinelli claimed a love between them remained.

“And I miss him. And also I’m allowed to miss out on him,” she said. “He was a huge component of mine life. Just because we loved each various other didn’t diminish the love that he had actually for Janie or me because that Tom, so it’s a various kind the love. I don’t know how to define it. Probably one day I’ll figure it out and also write a book around it.”

The guitar legend passed away from cancer last October at the age of 65. Last month, Bertinelli talked about the up-and-down connection she had with valve Halen.

“We had actually some really difficult, very challenging times, however we had actually some beautiful times too,” she told mindfulness coach Angie Johnsey during a conversation ~ above Instagram Live. “And the lover thing about grief — the gift the it gives you — is the it’s therefore much easier to remember the beautiful moments, 보다 the daunting and the challenging moments the you have actually with the person.”

In the main after his death, Bertinelli common multiple picture of her and Van Halen, consisting of one native the night they first met.

She additionally shared a tribute come him ~ above Instagram the featured a photo of them v Wolfgang as a baby.

“40 years earlier my life readjusted forever when I met you. You offered me the one true irradiate in my life, our son, Wolfgang,” she wrote.

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“Through all your an overwhelming treatments because that lung cancer, you maintained your gorgeous spirit and also that impish grin. Ns so thankful Wolfie and also I were able to host you in your last moments. Ns will see you in our next life mine love.”


Eddie van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, pays emotionally tribute to so late dad in expanded interview

Jan. 14, 202112:25
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