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David Bowie and Iman"s love story was one come remember. Top top what would"ve been the 28th wedding anniversary between the legend British rocker, that passed away at the age of 69 after ~ an 18-month-long fight with cancer, and also his bride, us look earlier on the couple"s love story that started in 1990.

Before Bowie"s pass in January 2016, the couple celebrated 23 years of marital relationship in 2015 and was among those long standing, really private celebrity couples that you just knew to be rock solid. Bowie is commonly quoted (though the attribution is nowhere to it is in found) together saying: "You would think that a absent star being married to a supermodel would certainly be among the best things in the world. That is."

And Iman mutual the sentiment with Nate Berkus ~ above his display in 2010, according to the Independent. "My marital relationship is precisely as fabulous together you all would think," the version said. "He"s fun, he"s a really really curious man, and so i really learn a lot from him."

Iman likewise famously said the Guardian in 2014 that she never fell in love through the David Bowie persona. "I dropped in love v David Jones," the singer"s offered name, she claimed at the time.

Following Bowie's death, the version took to Instagram to salary a touching tribute to her late husband, re-gramming short articles from friends who had taken to the communication to great the singer a happy birthday.

After meeting on a blind date in 1990, the singer and also the version tied the node in Tuscany on April 24th, 1992. For every the fashion in between them, Bowie and Iman kept things standard for their large day. Tails for him, and also a very "90s halter dress with long gloves because that her.

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The Ziggy Stardust singer and also the cosmetics maven welcomed a daughter, Alexandria, in 2000 and the singer said Hello Magazine at the time. "My attraction to she was immediate and all-encompassing. I couldn"t sleep because that the excitement of our first date," Bowie said.

"That she would be mine wife, in mine head, was a excellent deal. I'd never ever gone after ~ anything in mine life with such enthusiasm in every my life. I simply knew she to be the one."