The pair showed up to have reduced all ties amid insurance claims the King Of mind songstress was date someone new.

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cassie and also diddy
After sharing a ten-year relationship with Diddy, R&B singer Cassie chose to contact it quits through the music mogul in October 2018, adhering to reports that the last was unconvinced on stable down with his ex-girlfriend.

It to be a rough time for the 50-year-old, that would go on to learn that his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter, who was additionally the mommy of his 2 children, D’Lila and Jessie James, had actually passed far the adhering to month from pneumonia.

in spite of their breakup, however, Cassie was fast to market her support for Diddy and his family members after being spotted out and about with her former flame on plenty of occasions - but by December 2018, the pair appeared to have reduced all ties amid cases the King that Hearts songstress was date someone new, who she has since married and welcomed a infant with. Here"s the lowdown.

Why go Cassie call It Quits through Diddy?

The news concerning their split first came about from a source via LoveBScott, who declared that the former couple had be separated months prior to the story had surfaced in the press but neither spoke around their break-up in the really hopes that the would fall under the radar.

"They are without doubt no longer together and also haven"t been because that months,” a rep because that Cassie shown to the publication.

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~ the news emerged, fans to be in denial around their separation up till Cassie and also Diddy started deleting all of their coupled-up picture on social media, which showed up to check that the two were, in fact, a point of the past.

likewise in October, Cassie started unfollowing anyone on her Instagram page, which showed up to denote that she want a fresh start while others argued that she probably likewise wanted to street herself native anyone connected with she ex.

vault reports had asserted that the 33-year-old had actually taken problem with the fact that after a decade v the entrepreneur, she was still nothing more than his girlfriend - Cassie had hoped to resolve down and also get married to Diddy, however it appeared he no on the same page with her.

In February 2014, it was rumored the the father-of-five was planning top top popping the question to the singer after informing fans on social media that he had purchased a distinct diamond ring because that Cassie - but it turned the end that the expensive jewel was merely a gift.

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that course, that should additionally be mentioned that throughout their time together, Cassie and Diddy dubbed it quits ~ above a handful of occasions, and also though they never spoke around their factors for parting means so often, she apparently took problem with never ever being taken into consideration a priority to poor Boy documents founder.

Their partnership was also plagued by infidelity allegations as multiple females were believed to have shared a fling v the rap superstar when he to be still seeing Cassie.

that Is Cassie’s Husband?

through January 2019, it to be reported that Cassie was date fitness coach and personal trainer Alex Fine, who Diddy originally hired to assist his ex continue to be in tip-top shape.

yet it showed up that together their romance to be falling apart, Cassie became closer come Fine, that she would finish up in a committed connection with simply months after ~ her separation with the rebellion TV CEO.

“Cassie want a personal trainer, so Diddy rental Alex because that her,” one insider told People.

“Then Cassie and Alex started hooking up before her connection with Diddy to be over.”

Diddy, according to sources, feeling betrayed through Cassie’s decision to relocate on v the male he hired together her personal trainer, and though that was quick to rant around their get-together on Instagram, that soon eliminated the posts and decided to let the problem go.

top top June 13, 2019, the Me & U chart-topper announced she to be expecting a baby with Fine, having actually taken to her Instagram web page to do the announcement through a inscription that read: "Can"t wait to accomplish our baby girl.”

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Fine also gushed around the joyful news on his platform, writing: “I promise to constantly come home with a great attitude and give our children and also you undivided attention.

“I promise to always keep you and the child very first nothing comes before you... Friend two room my best loves ns have and also will ever have. I cannot wait because that the rest of our lives together and also to raise a beautiful happy kid in our beautiful happy life."

In respectable 2019, the doting duo ended up being engaged and went on come tie the node in October v a quiet wedding ceremony held in Malibu in ~ sunset.

In the first 12 month of finishing her relationship with Diddy, Cassie relocated out of she ex’s home, started a brand-new relationship, got engaged, found out she to be pregnant and also went on come tie the knot prior to the year’s end.

Their infant girl, Frankie Fine, to be born in December 2019.

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