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Ava DuVernay"s Netflix drama When They watch Us has actually received vital acclaim due to the fact that airing on may 31. The four-part miniseries is based upon the harrowing real life story that the "Central Park Five," a team of five black adolescents who were wrongly accused and also convicted that the rape and also assault of 28-year-old investment banker Trisha Meili when she to be jogging in new York"s main Park in 1989.

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The five youths, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and also Korey Wise, to be coerced into providing false confessions by a beginning spearheaded through Assistant district Attorney Linda Fairstein, prior to being sentenced for a crime lock did not commit. Below is a failure of exactly how long each human spent behind bars.


Antron McCray was simply 15 year old as soon as wrongfully convicted for the rape and assault the Trisha Meili.Getty Images/Taylor Hill

Antron McCray

Antron McCray was 15-years-old as soon as he to be arrested in connection with the rape the Trisha Meili in main Park ~ above April 19, 1989.

His father, Bobby McCray, instructed his son to confess in the id that the police would certainly then let the go. Instead, he to be tried as a juvenile and convicted that rape and also assault. McCray to be handed a sentence that 5-10 years and also would end up spending six years behind bars.


Kevin Richardson was 14 years old when he was wrongfully arrested for the rape and also assault the Trisha Meili.Getty Images

Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson was simply 14 year old when he to be arrested in link with the strike on Meili in central Park. That was likewise the sole resource of DNA proof used to convict the five.

During the trial, a forensic analyst testified that a hair uncovered on the victim was "similar" come Richard"s hair "to a reasonable level of scientific certainty." yet DNA proof years later on proved this to be wrong.

Richardson to be sentenced come 5-10 year in prison and also would end up spending 5½ years behind bars.


Yusef Salaam was 15 year old as soon as arrested in relation to the strike on Meili in main Park.Getty Images

Yusef Salaam

15-year-old Salaam was dubbed in because that questioning through police in the aftermath of the assault on Meili. He to be convicted of her rape and also assault and handed a 5-10 year sentence. He would go ~ above to spend 6 years and also 8 months in jail.


Raymond Santana spent 5 years behind bars because that a crime the did no commit.Getty Images/Paras Griffin

Raymond Santana

Like Richardson, Santana was only 14 year old as soon as he to be arrested in 1989 for the attack on Trisha Meili. He to be tried together a juvenile and spent 5 years in jail for a crime he did no commit.


Korey way was 16 year old as soon as he was wrongly convicted of the rape and also assault that Trisha Meili in 1989.NYPD/Getty Images/Roy Rochlin

Korey Wise

Wise"s story is probably the most tragic of all. As soon as his friend, Yusef Salaam, was called in because that questioning by policy in the consequences of the assault on Meili, Wise chose to come through him to the terminal for support.

The police then determined to interrogate Wise, putting him in a place where he was uniquely vulnerable. If the other 4 accused were all minors, wise was 16 in ~ the time, which supposed he could be interrogated by police without a parent or guardian present.

Wise also suffered indigenous hearing problems and also learning difficulties, making it easier for that to be pressured, coerced and manipulated.

When he to be convicted the the rape and assault that Meili, his age additionally meant the he did not go come a youth center yet an adult prison. He ended up spending 12 year behind bars, throughout which time he suffered horrific violence and abuse, as well as an extensive periods in solitary confinement.

The wrongfully convicted central Park Five, clockwise native the optimal - Kevin Richardson (top left), Yusef Salaam (top right), Raymond Santana (bottom right), Korey way (bottom center) and Antron McCray (bottom left).Getty ImagesIt was in 2001 in ~ the Auburn Correctional basic in new York that Wise met Matias Reyes, a serial rapist and also murderer that admitted to attack Meili ago in 1989. This opportunity encounter and also confession, together with DNA testing that connected Reyes come Meili, brought about the five lastly being exonerated in 2002.

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The following year lock sued brand-new York City for malicious prosecution, gyeongju discrimination and emotional distress, with the situation being resolved for $41 million in 2014. Now the Netflix drama When They check out Us is allowing people around the human being to hear around their harrowing story because that the first time.