Nicole Kidman states her connection with Tom Cruise remained in a great place once they do the erotic thriller "Eyes wide Shut."

The couple was married when they starred together the 1999 film.

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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in a step from "Eyes vast Shut."Everett Collection

"We were happily married through that," she said The brand-new York times Magazine when asked around a scene in the film as soon as she offers a long speech about adultery.

"We would certainly go go-kart racing after those scenes. Wednesday rent the end a place and also go racing at 3 in the morning. I don’t understand what else to say. Possibly I don’t have actually the capacity to look earlier and dissect it. Or I’m no willing to."


Kidman and Cruise, who met on the collection of the 1990 sporting activities drama "Days that Thunder," divorce in 2001 after 11 year of marriage. They embraced two children during your union, daughter Isabella, 27, and son Connor, 25.

In 2006, Kidman married Keith Urban and also has two children with him, daughters Sunday, 12, and also Faith, 9. In April 2006, Cruise and also Katie Holmes welcomed a daughter, Suri. The pair married later that year before divorcing in 2012.

Kidman doesn’t talk also often about her previous marriage, despite she has actually said she was "so young" as soon as they tied the knot. At the time, she to be 23, and Cruise was 28. Kidman"s additionally been open about how being married to a star that Cruise’s magnitude supposed she avoided gift sexually harassed.


Kidman, 53, and Cruise, 58, have both had stellar careers, v Kidman collecting an Academy Award for "The Hours" and Cruise earning a trio the Oscar nominations end the years. Because that Kidman, working through legendary director Stanley Kubrick on "Eyes vast Shut" is an suffer she still cherishes.


"We to be working through the biggest filmmaker and also learning around our lives and also enjoying our lives on set. We would certainly say, "When is the going come end?" We discussed there thinking it to be going come be three months. The turned right into a year, a year and a half," she said.

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"But girlfriend go, "As lengthy as ns surrender to what this is, i’m going to have actually an tremendous time,"" she continued. "Stanley, he no torturous. He was arduous in the he would shoot a lot."

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