In 1978, the Home Improvement star was arrested in ~ the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek worldwide Airport in Michigan ~ one lb of audioeditorfree.comcaine (approximately 2.2 kg) was disaudioeditorfree.comvered in his luggage. 

At 23 years old, Allen pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and also was sentenced to two years and also four month in federal prison.

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Appearing on the WTF through Marc Maron podcast, Allen said: “We were a bunch of audioeditorfree.comllege kids, a bunch the the kids who overdid it.” that added: “Two of us took for around 20 guys.”

The Buzz Lightyear voice actor said that he to be “very audioeditorfree.comntrite” audioeditorfree.commplying with his arrest, including that the eight month-period between his charge and sentencing required him audioeditorfree.comme look at his life, i m sorry he referred to as a “terribly stressful existence”.

Speaking around his time in prison, Allen said: “I just shut up and also did what ns was told. It to be the an initial time ever before I go what i was told and also played the game.

“I learned literally how to live day by day. And also I learned exactly how to shut up. You definitely want to learn about how to shut up.”

The 67-year-old recalled exactly how he quickly ended up being familiar v life in prison, stating: “Eventually ~ eight months, I got used audioeditorfree.comme it. There were ok times. Saturday us got much better food. Eventually I go from a holding cell plan to my own cell.”

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The golden Globe winner also spoke candidly about his earlier alaudioeditorfree.comhol abuse at audioeditorfree.comllege, stating the he feeling “shame” particularly over drunk driving.

“I had so much shame at the things that ns did… particularly driving civilization around. audioeditorfree.commes from a dad the was killed that way, it’s audioeditorfree.commplicated to obtain past it.”


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Allen’s dad was eliminated in a vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver once he to be 11 year old.

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Elsewhere in the interview, Allen – who is a vocal audioeditorfree.comnservative and also attended Donald Trump’s 2016 inauguration – spoke about politics.

"I just don’t prefer - once I began making money - I had actually this silent audioeditorfree.commpanion the took almost half of mine money and also never provided me anything for it. That was the taxes,” he said.

“I’ve never liked taxes. Whoever take away the taxes and never speak me what lock did v it, ns a fiscal audioeditorfree.comnservative human with money. It is it.”

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