How lengthy was the Titanic"s voyage meant to take? I"m doing some research and am having trouble detect out how long the trip from Queenstown Ireland come Ellis Island new York took approximately the very same time that Titanic sailed. The ships I"m researching are actually the Caronia I and also the Oceanic II.The Caronia i arrived in Ellis Island on might 4, 1913 and also the Oceanic II landed on July 6, 1910. Deserve to anyone tell me about how long it would have taken for these pearls to take trip from Queenstown Ireland to Ellis Island new York?
Hallo, Danielle, and welcome to the forum. Those pearl would typically make the crossing in 7 days. The Caronia, for instance, left Queenstown top top August third and disembarked its passengers in new York on respectable 10th, 1913. In the exact same year, the Oceanic left Queenstown top top 20 Nov and also arrived in brand-new York top top 27 November.

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On the two particular trips you mentioned, Danielle, Caronia called at Queenstown on 27 April 1913, and Oceanic on 30 June 1910. Source: The new York Times, 18 April 1913 and 1 July 1910.One additional note: liners themselves did not go to Ellis Island; there to be (and are) no docking facilities there capable of handling big ships. Rather, the passengers processed v Ellis Island to be taken over there by barge or ferry after ~ the liner top top which they arrived cleared Quarantine.

Right, Mark, ns knew that, i was just using Ellis Island as a general since I understand that many immigrants were processed through there at that time. Say thanks to you though for the dates, that helps a ton due to the fact that it is those 2 voyages that will be in mine book. Very helpful, thank you.

So the ship would dock Tuesday and unload Wednesday morning? like the Edinburgh sleeper gets there once you"re in the floor of nod and when the porter knocks on your door w/brekkie (in first Class), you wake up and also face the work w/yer coffee, Scottish Times, croissant, OJ &c.?

>>So the ship would dock Tuesday and also unload Wednesday morning?Not exactly. Castle could, however Quarantine was an anchorage where a ship would drop her anchor and...among other formalities...wait until the health authorities cleared her to dock. Provided the kind of illness that were to run rampant in those days, this was in reality a sensible precaution.

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Michael, the health and wellness authorities would check the steerage passenger whilst the 2nd and an initial class persons snoozed away the night?
>>Michael, the health authorities would check the steerage passengers whilst the second and first class persons snoozed away the night?Something like that. At least that"s my understanding of just how it worked. Many of the time, over there wouldn"t be any kind of reason to do much more then a few checks and without even waking increase the steerage. However, if the turned the end that part really nasty bug got loose on the ship, then for obvious reasons, she wouldn"t be permitted to dock. No without some signifigent precautions anyway. The idea behind Quarantine was to make certain there to be no problems, and also to save things contained and under control if over there were.We might think that some facets of this to be discriminatory, but keep in mind that there were a lot of illness which were as deadly together they were contagious which were to run around loose back then. Inoculations were a reletively new development, anti-biotics were basically non-existant, and those that traveled in the steerage were a lot much more likely to be infected then those that were in the greater socio-economic classes.Playing it safe was just an excellent sense.