From the Bronco follow to inside the California courtroom, here are the key moments from the attempt of the former NFL to run back.

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On the night of June 12, 1994, O.J. Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her girlfriend Ron Goldman to be stabbed to death outside the Brown's Brentwood, California home. Their murders and also the subsequent arrest the the former NFL star ignited a series of occasions that America's legal system and media had never watched before.

Here's a timeline of the murders of Brown and Goldman and the pursuit, arrest, trial, and verdict of Simpson.

June 12, 1994: Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman are murdered

6:30 pm: after ~ attending she daughter's dance recital, Brown has dinner with friends and also family in ~ the Brentwood restaurant Mezzaluna, wherein Goldman functions as a waiter. Brown's mother accidentally leaves her eyeglasses in ~ the restaurant and Goldman volunteers to avoid by Brown's house to drop lock off.

10:41 pm-10:45 pm: Brian "Kato" Kaelin, that is Simpson's houseguest in ~ his Rockingham mansion just a couple of miles down the roadway from Brown's home, hears a thumping noise ~ above the opposite next of his wall and goes external to investigate.

10:50 pm-10:55 pm: A neighbor point out Brown's white Akita by chin — barking through bloody paws.

11:01 pm: Waiting because 10:25 pm, limousine driver Allan Park look at Simpson departure his house. A few minutes later, Park drives Simpson come the Los Angeles international Airport (LAX) for his trip to Chicago.

11:45 pm: Simpson takes turn off to Chicago.

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June 13, 1994: O.J. Simpson becomes a suspect


Nicole Simpson Brown and Rob Goldman killing scene

Photo: The LIFE photo Collection/Getty Images

12:10 am: Brown's dog leads next-door neighbors to the dead bodies of Goldman and Brown, i beg your pardon lie close to the gate.

4:15 am: Simpson checks into a hotel in Chicago.

4:30 am: Police come at Simpson's Rockingham mansion to educate him that Brown's death however instead find his blood-stained Bronco and a bloody gloves that matches one discovered near Goldman's body.


The group at the Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman murder scene

Photo: The LIFE picture Collection/Getty Images

10:45 am: with a find warrant in hand, the police search Simpson's mansion and also find even an ext blood traces ~ above the property, consisting of in his Bronco.

12 pm: return to Los Angeles after ~ being informed of Brown's death, Simpson arrives at his mansion wherein he is handcuffed and then taken to the police station where he's wondered about for hours.

June 15, 1994: Robert Shapiro i do not care O.J. Simpson's attorney

Replacing Howard Weitzman, defense attorney Robert Shapiro takes over as lead counsel because that Simpson.

June 16, 1994: Nicole Brown Simpson and also Ron Goldman's funerals


O.J. Simpson and also his kids at Nicole Brown Simpson's funeral.

Photo: The LIFE snapshot Collection/Getty Images

Simpson and his two kids attend Brown's funeral. A funeral is likewise held for Goldman.

June 17, 1994: The Bronco chase


O.J. Simpson Bronco chase

Photo: Ted Soqui/Sygma via Getty Images

Simpson it s okay charged because that the killing of Brown and also Goldman


Fans top top the next of the freeway cheering O.J. Simpson on throughout the Bronco chase

Photo: Vinnie Zuffante/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Although he originally promised come surrender to authorities, Simpson flees and becomes a fugitive. The is later on spotted off the freeway steering his white Bronco v his friend Al Cowlings in the driver's seat. Fans began to heat the freeways come cheer him on. As helicopters monitor Simpson's Bronco, an estimated 95 million world watch the 60-mile search on TV (famously interrupting the broadcast of the NBA finals). Simpson ultimately surrenders at his home a small before 9 pm. That is arrested and also thrown in jail there is no bail.

July 22, 1994: O.J. Simpson pleads no guilty

Photo: Los Angeles Police via WireImage

Simpson pleads "absolutely, 100 percent no guilty" to the killing charges. Referee Lance Ito is assigned to the case.

September 9, 1994: Prosecution desires life there is no parole

Prosecution decides no to seek the fatality penalty and instead, looks for life there is no parole because that the defendant if he's convicted.

November 3, 1994: The jury is selected

The early stage jury is selected and is consisted of of four males and also eight females. Eight that the jurors are Black, one Hispanic, one white person and two mixed race.

January 11, 1995: The jury reports for duty

The jury — 12 men and also 12 women — room sequestered.

January 15-16, 1995: Simpson's lawyers avoid speaking to each other

Shapiro tells the media that he and also another among Simpson's defense attornies F. Lee Bailey space no much longer on speaking terms.

January 18, 1995: Johnnie Cochran take away the reigns that the defense

Johnnie Cochran becomes lead counsel because that the defense.

Judge Ito rules that the jury is permitted to hear evidence of Simpson's alleged domestic abuse towards Brown.

January 24, 1995: The prosecution starts its opening statement

Marcia Clark during the O.J. Simpson trial

Photo: POO/AFP/Getty Images

Prosecutors Marcia Clark and also Christopher Darden make passionate opened statements. "He eliminated her the end of jealousy," Darden called the jury. "He killed her because he couldn't have her." 

January 25, 1995: The defense provides its opening statement

Cochran starts his opening statement on instead of of the defense. "This situation is about a sirloin to judgment, an obsession to success at any type of costs," he told the jury.

January 27, 1995: O.J. Simpson's publication comes out

Simpson's book, I want to tell You: My solution to your Letters, your Messages, your Questions, is released.

February 3, 1995: Nicole Simpson Brown's sister-in-law takes the stand

Brown's sister-in-law, Denise Brown, testifies in tears over how Simpson abused Brown.

February 12, 1995: The jury visits key locations

The jurors take a field trip come Simpson's Rockingham home and also Brown's house, now labeled a crime scene.

March 13, 1995: note Fuhrman states he's no racist

Detective mark Fuhrman is cross-examined and denies gift racist. He additionally objects to the defense's concept that the undermined the examination by tampering through evidence.

March 21, 1995: Kato Kaelin take away the stand...again

Kato Kaelin

Photo: POO/AFP/Getty Images

For a second time, Kaelin takes the stand and also describes exactly how he invested his evening through Simpson simply hours before the dual homicide occurred.

April 4, 1995: Dennis Fung confesses crime step wrongdoings

Dennis Fung

Photo: play DOWNS/AFP/Getty Images

Criminologist Dennis Fung admits that suitable protocols were no entirely enforced at the step of the crime.

May 10, 1995: The DNA proof is presented

The DNA testimony begins and also jurors discover one day later on that one in 170 million people, consisting of Simpson, would have actually the genetic attributes as a autumn of blood that found at the crime scene.

June 15, 1995: O.J. Simpson tries on the leather gloves

O.J. Simpson trying on the "too tight" bloody gloves during his dual murder trial.

Photo: VINCE BUCCI/AFP/Getty Images

Christopher Darden presenting evidence that O.J. Simpson own similar, if no the same, gloves uncovered at the crime scene.

Photo: POO/AFP/Getty Images

Darden has actually Simpson shot on the animal leather gloves in prior of the jury. Simpson puts castle on and declares lock "too tight."

August 29, 1995: Tapes room released of note Fuhrman saying racial slurs

The jury hears old tape-recorded recordings the Fuhrman do multiple racial slurs, (which he had actually denied ever before having done throughout his cross-examination), and additionally bragging about his enforcement that police brutality.

September 28, 1995: The defense gift its close up door argument

Following the prosecution's closing debates the work before, Cochran it is intended his closing argument to the jury through his well known phrase: "If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

October 3, 1995: O.J. Simpson is acquitted

The sheathe of the 'New York Post' once O.J. Simpson was discovered not guilty.

Photo: Evan Agostini/Liaison

Deliberating for much less than four hours, the jury returns v a decision of not guilty on two counts of murder. Simpson is a cost-free man.

Eudie Pak

Eudie Pak is a Los Angeles-based editor/writer.



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