June 12, 1994Nicole Brown Simpson and also Ronald Goldman room stabbed come death. Their bodies uncovered in the former courtyard that the Nicole"s condominium in Brentwood.

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June 13, 1994O.J. Simpson is informed of the murders while top top a company trip in Chicago. He returns to Los Angeles, is temporarily handcuffed, and taken in because that questioning. Robert Shapiro is contacted top top Simpson"s behalf and asked to end up being defense counsel.
June 16, 1994The funerals the the victims space held.
June 17, 1994About to it is in arrested for murder, Simpson slips out of Robert Kardashian"s home. That is chased by police while riding in his white Ford Bronco, driven by friend A.C. Cowlings. When he returns to his residence on Rockingham, Simpson is taken right into custody.
June 24, 1994Grand jury recused.
July 8, 1994Six-day preliminary listening ends with Judge catalen Kennedy-Powell ruling there is sufficient evidence for O.J. Simpson to was standing trial on 2 counts the first-degree murder.
July 22, 1994O.J. Pleads "absolutely 100 percent not guilty" come the charges. Judge Lance A. Ito assigned to hear case.
August 18, 1994Defense counsel records motion to achieve personnel records of Detective note Fuhrman.
September 2, 1994District attorney files motion to sequester jury.
September 9, 1994District attorney announces the the death penalty will not be sought.
September 19, 1994Judge Ito upholds the legality the the find of Simpson"s home.
November 3, 1994Jury panel selected: eight black, one white, one Hispanic, two mixed race; eight women, four men.
December 8, 1994Alternate jury selected.
January 4, 1995Defense waives listening for an obstacle of prosecution"s DNA evidence.
January 11, 1995The jury is sequestered. Hearing hosted on admissibility that domestic-abuse evidence.
January 13, 1995Prosecutor Christopher Darden and defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran argue over racist language concerning the upcoming testimony of note Fuhrman.
January 24, 1995Trial opens in Los Angeles. Prosecutors Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden provide opening statements.
January 25, 1995

Johnnie Cochran provides opening statement for the defense.

January 27, 1995O.J. Simpson"s book, I desire to tell You, is published.
February 3, 1995Nicole Brown"s sisters Denise testifies about O.J. Simpson"s abuse of she sister.
February 12, 1995Jurors take ar trip to Simpson home and also Bundy journey crime scene.
March 15, 1995Detective mark Fuhrman, cross-examined by defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey, denies using words "nigger" at any time in the vault ten years.
April 11, 1995L.A.P.D. Criminalist Dennis Fung concedes, under cross-examination by defense lawyer Barry Scheck, procedural errors.
April 21, 1995After three sheriff"s deputies space reassigned, jurors protest. They first refuse to pertained to court, then show up pull on in black.
May 4, 1995

Wrongful fatality suit filed on behalf of the Goldmans.

May 10, 1995DNA testimony begins.
June 15, 1995Simpson tries on the bloody gloves. Lock seem no to fit.
July 6, 1995The beginning rests.
July 10, 1995The defense calls its an initial witness, Arnelle Simpson, O.J. Simpson"s daughter.
August 15, 1995Controversy over feasible conflict that interest concerning Judge Ito. Marchia Clark asks Ito to recuse self from Simpson trial.
August 16, 1995Clark alters her mental on Ito recusal.
August 18, 1995Superior court judge man Reid rules the Captain York"s testimony is not pertinent to Simpson trial.
August 29, 1995Fuhrman tapes play in court, v jury absent.
August 31, 1995Judge Ito rules the jury will certainly hear 2 excerpts the controversial tapes.
September 5, 1995The jury hears excerpts indigenous Fuhrman tapes.
September 6, 1995With jury absent, mark Fuhrman appears on stand. He refuses come answer questions, citing his fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination.
September 7, 1995The defense announces the Simpson won"t testify top top his very own behalf. The defense asks referee Ito to instruct jury regarding reason because that Fuhrman"s further nonappearance. Referee agrees, but prosecution objects. The concern is appealed
September 8, 1995Appeals court rejects Ito"s jury instruction.
September 11, 1995Defense refuses to remainder their situation due to the unresolved question of judge"s instruction come jury concerning Fuhrman. Judge Ito orders prosecution to start its rebuttal.
September 18, 1995Prosecution conditionally rests the case.
September 19, 1995Detective Vannatter is cross-examined through Shapiro ~ above statements the made to mob informants around why police saw O.J. Simpson"s residence.
September 21, 1995Both defense and prosecution remainder their cases. In a explain to referee waiving his appropriate to testify, Simpson claims "I go not, could not, and would not have actually committed this crime." referee Ito provides jury instructions.
Sept. 26 & 27, 1995Clark and Darden deliver prosecution"s close up door arguments.
Sept. 27 & 28, 1995Cochran and Scheck provide defense"s closing arguments. Cochran provides controversial statements come the jury to compare Fuhrman to Hitler.
September 29, 1995The situation goes come the jury.
October 2, 1995After less than 4 hours, jury announces that it has reached a verdict.
October 3, 1995Jury find O.J. Simpson no guilty of two counts that murder.
October 23, 1996Opening statements in polite trial in Santa Monica. Jury is composed of nine whites, one black, one Hispanic, and also one human being of combined Asian and African ancestry.
November 22, 1996Simpson testifies prior to a jury for the an initial time. The denies killing Goldman or his former wife, yet cannot describe the physics evidence against him.
December 9, 1996Fred Goldman, Ron"s father, testifies. Plaintiffs rest.
December 20, 1996Simpson awarded custody that his kids by one Orange ar judge.
January 10, 1997Simpson ~ above the was standing again.
January 16, 1997

Both sides rest. Jury has actually heard 101 witnesses end 41 days of testimony.

January 21, 1997Closing discussion of Daniel Petrocelli for the plaintiffs. Petrocelli points in ~ Simpson and also says, "There"s a killer in this courtroom."
January 22, 1997Closing argument by Robert Baker, representing Simpson.
February 4, 1997Jury finds Simpson liable and also awards plaintiffs $8.5 million in in compensatory damages.
March 26, 1997Court orders Simpson to rotate over his assets, consisting of 1968 Heisman trophy, a Warhol painting, and his golf clubs.
July 14, 1997The Brentwood heritage is auctioned turn off (and the brand-new owner quickly demolishes it).
June 30, 1998Simpson"s attorneys appeal wrongful fatality award versus him, calling award "excessive and also the clear an outcome of passion and prejudice on the component of the jury."
November 2, 1998Brown and Goldman families separation proceeds indigenous an auction the O. J. Simpson"s belongings.

May 10, 1999

O. J. Simpson and the Browns negotiate a custody plan for the two Simpson children. The following year, in august 2000, Simpson leaves California for Florida, a state wherein homes and pensions can not be seized to salary for polite liabilities in other states.

September 2007A court seizes the book "If ns Did It" through O. J. Simpson. The book, renamed "If ns Did It: Confessions of the Killer" is released with proceeds offered to pay off Simpson"s civil claim.
October 3, 2008O. J. Simpson is judge of assault, kidnapping, and armed robbery in connection with his attempt to recuperate sports memorabilia (which Simpson asserted was his) native a las Vegas hotel room. Simpson is sentenced to 33 years in prison.

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2017The Nevada Parole board decides to provide Simpson"s inquiry for parole. Simpson is exit in October 2017. He proceeds to live in Nevada, although that is feasible he will pick to relocate to Florida in ~ a future date.