When civilization hear someone cite The Nanny, lock remember that sassy woman from Flushing, Queens, and also an above nasally voice. For number of years, audiences almost everywhere were glued to your TV display screens to angry Fran prospering at being an patent nanny. 

Not only deserve to fans watch old episodes online, but they additionally will obtain to see a revival of the series. The resurgence will come in the type of a Broadway musical. While civilization are happy to check out a fix up interest, some may wonder why the original display ended in the very first place.

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‘The Nanny’ is about a nanny who falls for she employer


Fran Drescher | Anacleto Rapping/The LA Times

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The Nanny is a ’90s sitcom that ran for 6 seasons prior to ending in 1999. The main actors included Fran Drescher, Daniel Davis, and Charles Shaughnessy. Drescher play the main character, whose surname is Fran together well. The present startswith the protagonist make the efforts to offer cosmetics.

Set in brand-new York City, Fran i do not care the nanny of three children. The dad is a widower named Maxwell Sheffield, and also he is a Broadway producer. Fran and Maxwell come to be attracted come one another, and they tease the viewers v theircloseness. Eventually, the two acquire married and have twins.

Fran and also Maxwell are not the only ones to come to be a couple. Functioning for the family is a witty butler named Niles. He frequently throws jabs as Maxwell’s business partner, C.C. Babcock. Much to the surprised of fans, the two finish up together.

The viewers never ever bought right into their romance, and neither walk the actor for Niles. Still, fans took pleasure in seeing the relationships between every character develop.

‘The Nanny’ was successful and is easily accessible to stream

Today! Now! What r u waiting for???
hbomax #TheNanny GO! initial cut, no commercials, party WORTHY! pic.twitter.com/ZrorWL4ACX

— Fran Drescher (
frandrescher) April 1, 2021

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Even despite The Nanny finished airing over twenty years ago, many human being still recall some of their favorite moments. The love people still have for the series shows how famous it was. In ~ the time, The Nanny became one that the highest-rated sitcoms.

Not only did the average viewer reap the show, but so walk critics. The Nanny received numerous award nominations and won a couple of of them. Civilization were no doubt sad to view the series end on its sixth season.

After the display concluded, fans could still watch reruns that the episodes. For several years, the collection appeared ~ above Nick in ~ Nite. Eventually, The Nanny got pulled indigenous the network’s time slots. Now, the classic sitcom is ago for fans to binge-watch.

On April 1, the present became easily accessible to clock on the streaming platform HBO Max. Drescher had actually reminded her pendant of the news on Instagram. Now world can gain comfortable in your living rooms and relive the experience.

The real reason why ‘The Nanny’ got canceled

The Nanny had actually a rocky start at very first before becoming a massive hit. The collection managed to survive its very first season, and also fans to be glad the did. While the did not obtain canceled before it had the possibility to succeed, the network finished up pulling the plug after six seasons.

Some fans may have a tough time believing the such a popular display would get axed. Follow to Inquisitr, it to be the romance between Fran and Maxwell that carried an end to The Nanny. One of the dynamics the attracted viewers was the never-ending sex-related tension in between the two characters.

The chemistry resonated with audiences, however the writers determined to adjust it. While pan rooted because that Fran and also Maxwell, seeing it occur in canon resulted in the premise fizzling out. Drescher declared in an interview that she do the efforts to speak the authors out the it however to no avail.

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“When a show is built about a love that can’t happen, sexual tension, you need to keep it the way,” Drescher explained.