When Greer Garson won the Academy compensation for best Actress in 1943 for Mrs. Miniver, she set a Guinness human being Record for "Longest Oscars acceptance Speech" through a rant the clocked in at five and a fifty percent minutes. That’s much more than double as much time together Gwyneth Paltrow invested on her notoriously longwinded decided after she nabbed the very same award because that Shakespeare in Love in 1999.

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Oscar producers applied a 45-second time border on speeches in 2010, however not every winner would have actually needed it. Some human being thanked the Academy (or didn"t) in 10 words or fewer.

1. Alfred Hitchcock (1968) // total Words: 5

It took Alfred Hitchcock 20 secs to make his way across the phase to expropriate the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award but only six seconds to sell his simple, “Thank you," before pausing and adding, "Very lot indeed.” In true Hitchcock fashion, he properly gave united state all we needed without showing too much.

2. Joe Pesci (1991) // full Words: 5

One gets the emotion that Joe Pesci had actually a lot more to to speak than, “It’s my privilege, say thanks to you,” when he won finest Supporting Actor because that Goodfellas, yet no one desires to see among cinema’s greatest tough guys cry. Currently go home and also get her f***ing shinebox.

3. Patty fight it out (1963) // total Words: 2

Hitchcock and Pesci may have given two that the most memorably truncated Oscar speeches ever, yet Patty battle each other makes lock both look positive longwinded. When she won the best Supporting Actress Oscar for The miracle Worker, her an answer was a to-the-point, but plainly heartfelt, “Thank you.”

4. Wilhelm Holden (1954) // full Words: 4

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When that won finest Actor for Stalag 17, william Holden available his thanks—twice—with a simple, “Thank you. Say thanks to you.”

5. Gloria Grahame (1953) // total Words: 4

Gloria Grahame no fooling roughly when she breezed top top the stage to seize her ideal Supporting Actress Oscar because that The Bad and also the Beautiful, uttering a quick, “Thank you really much,” there is no so much as stopping at the microphone to savor the moment.

6. Louie Psihoyos (2010) // complete Words: 2

If The Cove director Louie Psihoyos had his way, the would have actually said a lot more than just, “Thank you,” once he took house an Academy compensation for finest Documentary. Other producer Fisher Stevens ate increase the bulk of your 45 seconds, so as soon as the mic ultimately came about to Psihoyos, he can only mutter 2 words before that ominous sound that orchestral strings hushed him. Psihoyos post a video clip online the his intended speech the following day.

7. Dimitri Tiomkin (1953) // complete words: 6

as soon as you win two Oscars in one night like High Noon music director Dimitri Tiomkin walk in 1953, it provides sense come keep among your speeches brief. Yet Tiomkin retained it short and sweet because that both, providing a simple, "Thank you an extremely much. Give thanks to you,” because that his very first win for ideal Dramatic or Comedy Score and, “I feel favor a mom of the exorbitant twins,” as soon as he to be handed a 2nd statue for ideal Original Song.

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8. Alfred Newman (1953) // complete Words: 4

The 1953 Oscars ceremony were a night complete of succinctness. Right prior to Tiomkin welcomed his second award, other musician Alfred Newman available a modest, "Thank you very much," ~ receiving the Oscar for best Musical Score.

9. Delbert Mann (1956) // complete words: 8

When Delbert Mann won his first and just Oscar for directing Marty, he made his appreciation clear: “Thank you. Say thanks to you an extremely much. Appreciate it.” and also … scene!

10. Billy Wilder (1961) // full words: 10

Billy Wilder winner all 3 of the Oscars for which he was nominated because that The Apartment—Best Director, ideal Screenplay, and also Best Picture. If he allowed himself a complete 70 words on the last award, his acceptances previously in the night were lot shorter. He and also co-writer I.A.L. Diamond showcased their talent because that brevity as soon as they each thanked every other. And also when Gina Lollobrigida handed Wilder the Oscar for best Director, that quipped, “Thank you so much, you lovely discerning people. Give thanks to you.”