A Missouri teenager who was kidnapped and also held for four years claimed he figured his days to be numbered once his abductor made decision to take an additional boy.

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Shawn Hornbeck smiles after ~ receiving a new backboard and also hoop at a birthday celebration following a charity golf tournament to benefit the Shawn Hornbeck foundation in Madison, Ill., in this July paper photo.Tom Gannam / AP
A Missouri teenager that was kidnapped and also held for 4 years stated he figured his days to be numbered as soon as his abductor determined to take one more boy, follow to transcripts native a television interview released Wednesday come The linked Press.

Shawn Hornbeck, now 17, and also his parents recounted your story throughout an interview through CBS News" "48 hrs Mystery," in which that discusses details that his captivity for the an initial time.

"The days acquired slimmer," he said. ""Cause it"s a replacement. Once you acquire a brand-new car, what do you carry out with the old one? you usually get rid of it, right?"

Shawn was 11 when he was kidnapped through Michael Devlin in 2002 near his house in Washington County, Mo. He and Ben Ownby, one more kidnapped boy, were discovered in the suburban St. Luigi apartment the Michael Devlin, that is now serving life sentences in prison for kidnapping and abusing the boys.

Didn"t are afraid deathBut Shawn said death didn"t scared him. His greatest fear over the much more than 4 years of captivity was the he would never ever see his family members again, he said.

The show also includes one interview through Ben Ownby, that was 13 when Devlin abducted him in January 2007. Both boys were discovered four work after Ben"s abduction.

Shawn was taken when riding a bike to a friend"s home in October 2002.

"From job one, he had actually the gun. He had actually the power," Shawn said. "The thing that sticks out the most is, that said, "You were simply in the wrong location at the not correct time.""

Not a day went by the he didn"t think Devlin would kill him, that said.

Investigators have actually said Devlin subjected Shawn to a particularly intense month that abuse in ~ the start of his captivity, tie the young to a futon and also duct-taping his mouth.

"I"m not gonna lie; there to be times when it seemed prefer I was better off dead than living through" the captivity, Shawn said.

Devlin had said he would kill Shawn if he ever before tried to run, a danger Shawn"s family members has referred to as a "deal with the devil."

Given an ext freedomsOver time, Shawn was given much more freedoms, consisting of time outside and being permitted to make friends.

During the interviews, CBS" trojan Roberts stated Shawn"s parents, Craig and Pam Akers, had actually requested the he no ask Shawn why the did not look for rescue by informing someone about his abduction.

His mom said she doesn"t think Shawn is all set to talk about it. And also his stepfather, Craig Akers, stated it"s not worth putting Shawn v any much more guilt to fulfill people"s curiosity.

Shawn said that that still hasn"t called his parental everything about what happened, and also that he additionally worries about being misunderstood.

"Is the to protect them?" Roberts asked.

"In part ways, yeah," Shawn said. "Then, in various other ways, I"m just not ready."

Ben Ownby, currently 14, to be kidnapped while obtaining off his school bus in Franklin County. His 15-year-old neighbor was able to explain Devlin"s white pickup truck, the an essential detail that resulted in the previous pizzeria manager"s arrest.

Ben stated he is adjusting come life in high school, where he is a freshman.

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Phone messages left for the Akers family members were not instantly returned Wednesday.