Elizabeth ns was a long-ruling queen of England, administer with family member stability and prosperity for 44 years. The Elizabethan era is named for her.

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Who to be Queen Elizabeth I?

Queen Elizabeth I declared the throne in 1558 at the period of 25 and also held it until her death 44 years later. Elizabeth i was born a princess however declared illegitimate through political machinations. Eventually, upon her half-sister mary Tudor’s death, she take it the crown. 

During she reign, Elizabeth I developed Protestantism in England; defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588; kept peace inside her previously split country; and also created an atmosphere where the art flourished. She was sometimes called the "Virgin Queen", as she never ever married.

Queen Elizabeth I’s Father and Mother

Elizabeth was the daughter that King Henry VIII and also his second wife, ann Boleyn. She was just 2 years old as soon as her mom was add on the assignment of she father, based upon questionable fees of adultery and also conspiracy.


Early Life and Education

Elizabeth i was born top top September 7, 1533, in Greenwich, England. Elizabeth was raised much like any other imperial child. She received tutoring and also excelled in ~ languages and also music.

After she father's death in 1547, Elizabeth spent some time under the treatment of her stepmother Catherine Parr. Parr rental tutors ~ above Elizabeth's behalf, consisting of William Grindal and also Roger Ascham.

Tensions v Parr over Parr's new husband, cutting board Seymour, led Elizabeth to go back to the royal estate at Hatfield, far from the court. Her connection with Seymour later on came under scrutiny, and also Seymour to be tried because that conspiring to wed Elizabeth in a bid to get power. Discovered guilty, Seymour to be executed.

Elizabeth i of England’s Siblings

Elizabeth had an older half-sister, mar Tudor, who was the king’s very first child v his an initial wife, Catherine that Aragon, and the only to make it through to adulthood. Elizabeth additionally had a younger half-brother, Edward, who was the king’s an initial and just legitimate kid with his 3rd wife, woman Seymour.

Elizabeth and Mary were asserted to be illegitimate together their father sought to pave the means to the throne for Edward, his male heir. The girls were later reinstated as potential heirs. Top top Henry VIII’s death in 1547, Edward prospered his father as King Edward VI.

Edward VI died just six years later, in 1553. Mar Tudor and also their cousin, Lady jane Grey, both to be in line for the crown.

Edward had actually appointed Grey to be his successor. She reign proved to be really short: Mary gained the support of the English people and unseated Grey after only nine work on the throne.

Even though Elizabeth sustained Mary in her coup, she to be not complimentary from suspicion. A staunch roman Catholic, mar sought to reclaim her country earlier to she faith, undoing her father's rest from the Pope. When Elizabeth went together with the spiritual change, she continued to be a candidate because that the throne because that those who wanted a go back to Protestantism.

In 1554, cutting board Wyatt arranged a rebellion versus Mary in the hopes of making Elizabeth queen and also restoring Protestantism come England. His plot to be uncovered, and Mary easily imprisoned Elizabeth. Return Elizabeth disputed any kind of involvement in the conspiracy, her sister was not wholly convinced.

Although she was soon released, Elizabeth's life was firmly in she sister's hands. Wyatt to be executed, however he maintained that Elizabeth was not aware of the rebellion. Elizabeth eventually returned to Hatfield and also continued with her studies. In 1558, Elizabeth ascended come the throne upon mar Tudor’s death.

Elizabeth I’s Reign

Elizabeth ruled because that 44 years, indigenous 1558 till her death in 1603.

Elizabeth i inherited a variety of problems stirred increase by she half-sister Mary. The nation was in ~ war with France, which confirmed to it is in a tremendous drain on the royal coffers.

There to be also an excellent tension in between different religious factions after Mary operated to restore England to roman inn Catholicism through any means necessary. Mary had earned it s her the nickname Bloody mar for ordering the execution of 300 Protestants together heretics.

Elizabeth acted swiftly to deal with these two pushing issues. Throughout her first session of parliament in 1559, she dubbed for the i of the plot of Supremacy, which re-established the Church that England, and also the plot of Uniformity, which produced a usual prayer book.

Elizabeth take it a moderate technique to the divisive religious conflict in her country. "There is one Jesus Christ," she when said. "The rest is a conflict over trifles."

Historians different on the extent that Catholics suffered religious persecution and also execution under Elizabeth’s reign. The roman Catholic Church took a dim watch of she actions, and also in 1570, Pope Pius V excommunicated Elizabeth.

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With the assistance of her key advisor, wilhelm Cecil, Elizabeth finished England’s war with France. She was able to protect against clashing with the various other superpower that the age, Spain, for lot of she reign.

In 1585, however, Elizabeth gone into the fray to support the good news rebellion against Spain in the Netherlands. Spain then set its sights top top England, yet the English navy had the ability to defeat the notorious Spanish Armada in 1588. Follow to number of reports, the weather showed to it is in a deciding aspect in England's victory.