Paris Hilton, the famed hotel heiress the The an easy Life fame, to be at the height of she popularity in the at an early stage 2000s.

Despite she successes in various business ventures, her cultivated persona together the “rich blonde airhead” had actually her on the receiving end of jokes and public scorn. Native her well known sex tape come her assorted brushes with the law, Paris Hilton had actually an uphill fight coming into adulthood and out of that persona.

Now speaking out and using she fame because that a good cause that is an individual to her and also has had actually a lasting impact on she life.

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Paris Hilton got a DUI in 2006


Paris Hilton | Tibrina Hobson/WireImage

Hilton, currently 39, has actually received put in order attention many thanks to her newest YouTube documentary. After its release, the Wondery podcast, even the Rich, featured a 4 part special on the star and went into detail around some of she most well known life events.

According to master Aricia Skidmore-Williams and also Brooke Siffrinn, Paris to be cruising under a California roadway on September 7, 2006, in a $500,000 Mercedes once she to be pulled over for speeding and reckless driving. She blew a .08 into the breathalyzer, the minimum to it is in charged v DUI in California.

Hilton test to talk her way out of problem stating the she had only a solitary drink yet hadn’t eaten all day. The officer was not hearing any kind of of it and also cuffed her and took her under to the station. She was provided a $1500 fine and also 3 year probation, was forced to take it alcohol-education classes. She driver’s license was also suspended because that 4 months.

Paris Hilton disobeyed the terms of her probation

Fast-forward a couple of months after ~ the DUI and also Hilton to be pulled over for speeding and driving there is no headlights ~ above in a Bentley continent GTC. Her patent was quiet suspended. Her car was instantly towed and her punishment would be established in court. On may 4, 2007 with media and also paparazzi waiting for her arrival, Hilton confirmed up for she day in court. Hilton’s defense was that she to be under the impression that she could drive to and also from work. This was not the case and also the judge sentenced her to 45 job in jail.

She was to revolve herself into jail by June 5th, however in what appeared a clever attempt to protect against media attention, Hilton turned it s her in beforehand after attending the MTV Movie Awards top top June 3rd. The media assuming she’d it is in attending after parties and missed the event.

After just a couple of days in jail, she lawyer to be able to acquire her residence on residence arrest. However, prosecutors soon had actually her went back to jail through a decreased sentence of 23 days if she maintained good behavior. In ~ the time, her factor for leave jail to be an undisclosed medical condition, yet now we space all discovering that her reasons for so no hope wanting to leave jail, were far an ext than many assumed.

Paris Hilton speak out around the “troubled teenager industry”

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In episodes 3 and 4 the the Only the Rich podcast top top Hilton, the master made regular mentions of “Provo” during the course of their coverage of she time in jail.

“She made it through Provo so she can make it with this,” stated Skidmore-Williams.

Provo Canyon school was a boarding college in Utah because that troubled teenagers that Hilton attended in the 90s. Allegations that abuse against the school were in ~ the facility of Hilton’s YouTube documentary This is Paris released in September of critical year.

Among the allegations space accounts of various species of abuse including verbal and physical, being compelled to take it medication, and being locked in solitary confinement without clothes. The was therefore that Hilton discovered herself enduring from claustrophobia and also intense panic assaults while in jail earlier in 2007.

Though she to be arrested once more 2010 for cocaine possession in ras Vegas, she was able to avoid additional jail time, instead paying a $2000 fine and also completing 200 hrs of neighborhood service.

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Provo Canyon readjusted ownership since Hilton’s time spent there and also a representative said they cannot talk about what taken place prior to that. In spite of possibly never ever seeing and also real justice because that her very own abuse, Hilton continues to speak out. She is now affiliated with Breaking code Silence, a team that proponents for survivors that the “troubled teenager industry” and continues to occupational on behalf of the community.