Paris Hilton, one actress, entrepreneur, DJ, model, and also actress, has constructed a brand of her very own over the years. She fans recognize the iconic blonde because that debuting in a (Fox) truth show. Yet critics say that her climb to call is not accidental, and also she is well known for gift the granddaughter of the founder the Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hilton.

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Hilton is no stranger to far-ranging controversies. Many notably, she was arrested for possessing drugs and also obstructing authorities. However, she didn’t receive prison time, however she obtained a fine, ar service, and years’ probation. In 2007, Hilton to be sentenced come a probation violation and also ordered to serve jail time.

How go Paris Hilton come to be famous?


Paris Hilton | JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP via Getty Images

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Hilton gift the granddaughter of a rich tycoon came to be an heir come his fortune. She to be a privileged kid and managed come attend top schools, live in profitable mansions, and also enjoy she vacations in exclusive holidays homes.

Hilton lived a glamorous lifestyle and participated in luxury parties in brand-new York. She lifestyle regulated to get her A-list connections, which lugged her to the limelight. The acknowledgment she attained for herself has helped develop her brand.

When Hilton was in her early 20s, she debuted in a reality TV collection called The simple Life. In the show, she starred together Nicole Richie whereby they illustrated the functioning life of two socialites’ women that were doing consistent jobs for a living.

Did Paris Hilton come to be famous after ~ the release of the notorious sex tape?

Rick Salomon, one ex-boyfriend that Hilton, in 2003 released a sex tape called 1 Night in Paris. The sex tape to be filmed in 2001 as soon as she was only 19 years. ~ the release, Hilton declared she to be unaware that the relax of the video. However, Salomon later sued she for defamation.

After the leaking of the sex tape, she quickly came to be famous and also obtained a household name. She took advantage of the fame and also ventured right into business, starring in several fact shows and also writing an autobiography. Currently, Hilton has regulated to develop a financially rewarding brand, and she has a net worth of $300 million. She is aspiring to do her net worth above the billion-dollar mark.

How lengthy was Paris Hilton in jail?

In 2007, Hilton to be arrested for drunken driving, whereby she pleaded no dispute to the charges. The judge sentenced her to a probation sentence of three years and a suspension of her driving license.

However, later on she was caught by authorities driving using a suspended license. Her judge rule it as a probation violation.

Hilton was arrested top top a Thursday shortly after leaving the MTV Movie Awards, whereby she addressed the press and was the primary subject the the host’s jokes, sarah Silverman.

Judge Michael Sauer, who remained in charge of her hearing, had clearly banned any kind of house arrest pleas. Before the hearing, Hilton had requested to participate in the hear via she phone, but Judge Michael denied the request and also demanded the she physically to visit the hearing.

The judge sentenced she to 45 job jail time yet would be reduced to 23 if she behaved appropriately. However, due to undisclosed clinical considerations, a brand-new arrangement to be made.

In the arrangement, Hilton would serve her sentence under home arrest. She was forced to wear an ankle bracelet v a tracker because that the staying 40 days. TMZ had earlier proclaimed that Hilton had actually refused to eat the prison meals served to her.

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Ideally, she just remained in prison for 5 days for what to be to have been 45 job of jail time. In spite of the referee resisting a residence arrest, he later on agreed ~ consultations and concerns concerning her clinical condition.