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Martha Stewart has opened up about her time in jail in a magazine interview, saying she is "not bitter" around the stint behind bars.

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The businesswoman and also television personality served 5 months in commonwealth prison in 2004.

"I knew ns was solid going in and I was definitely stronger coming out," she told Harper"s Bazaar. "It to be a really serious continue in my life. Ns take it an extremely seriously," she says. "I"m no bitter around it, yet ... Mine daughter knows every the problems that resulted due to the fact that of that. There"s a lot."

Stewart, 79, was convicted the conspiracy, obstruction and making false statements to investigators, in link with one investigation right into insider trading. In ~ the time, it was believed that she media empire would fail, but she staged a effective comeback.

Although she go not desire to comment on prison in too much detail, Stewart claimed it had actually helped her form a bond through rapper Snoop Dogg. The "Drop It prefer It"s Hot" performer offered time on medicine charges in the 1990s.

In a share interview v Snoop—real surname Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr—on CBS" Sunday Morning in 2017, Stewart said: "Yes, the helped because people knew exactly how crazy and unfair ... All of that was."

She added: "And in Snoop"s world, it provided me the street cred i was lacking."


Martha Stewart attends one Oscars the town hall party in Beverly Hills on February 9, 2020. She has actually opened up around her time in prison.Jerod Harris/Getty ImagesSnoop praised his friend Stewart in a society media post around the news the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine—real surname Daniel Hernandez—had cooperated v prosecutors to reduce a prison sentence.

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"As us watch Tekashi 69 (or everything his name is) snitch top top EVERYBODY, ns invite you every to mental Martha Stewart snitched on no ONE soul during her trial," Snoop posted on Instagram in September 2019. "Baby girl retained it 10 toes down and ate the prison sentence by herself, prefer the true baddie she is."

He added: "That"s my M.F. Residence girl ... Solid as a rocc."

One regret the Stewart does have from that duration was not being maybe to organize Saturday Night Live after ~ her release in march 2005—when she lit up the media with the crochet grey poncho she wore on leave the federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia.

"My only big regret that I deserve to talk around is that Saturday Night Live request me to host. My probation officer wouldn"t give me the time," she called Harpers Bazaar. "That yes, really pissed me off, due to the fact that I would have loved to have actually hosted Saturday Night Live. I"d like that on mine résumé."