Rapper Kodak black (Bill Kahan Kapri) was sentenced come a 46-month-long concurrent jail sentence for attempted second-degree criminal possession of a weapon — however this hasn't quit him native making music. 

Black released his latest album, "Bill Israel," top top Nov. 11, 2020, through the perform of contributors including Gucci Mane, Jackboy, and Tory Lanez. There were rumors, though, that he might be exit early, thanks to previous President Donald Trump's pardons on his last day. What's Black's release date?

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Black's original release day from prison was collection for Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022, follow to an write-up published by TMZ on Jan. 23, 2020.  

The rapper to be sentenced to 12 months in jail for attempted second-degree criminal possession the a weapon in march 2020, after ~ driving throughout the Lewiston-Queenston international Bridge on the Canada–United states border in the agency of 3 other males with four handguns, a invited magazine cartridge, and a personal use lot of marijuana in his Cadillac Escalade in April 2019. 


He pleaded guilty come second-degree criminal possession that a weapon in Niagara county Court top top Thursday, in march 12, 2020. He was likewise sentenced come 46 month in November 2019, for two counts of possession the a firearm by a judge felon in Miami, Fla. He supposedly deliberately misconstrued information about his criminal history on the paperwork forced to acquire a gun. 

In what numerous fans would likely describe as a landmark decision, the federal weapon charges lugged against Black in Miami to be dismissed top top Friday, June 5, 2020. The news sparked a tide of pan speculations concerning his potential release date from prison, with numerous taking to Twitter to sweet in on whether Black can leave jail by so late 2021. 

"Just heard Kodak Black will certainly be out of prison following summer 2021 lmao yaaaaaa," composed one fan. 

kodakblack and states the the criminal background category 3 was overstated," reads the upgrade Bradford Cohen, Kodak Black's lawyer, post on Instagram on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. 

"This coupled with the dismissal of the Miami case should enable #kodakblack to be moved to an suitable prison where he can gain treatment and not be 1100 miles far from his family. #prisonreform #MOVEKODAK #justicereform #fairtreatment #greatjudge ... Save up the #movekodak and make sure you let
senatorrandpaul know there is a 22-year-old judge of a paperwork crime in a federal max custody in his state," Cohen added. 

Reportedly, black was relocated to the United claims Penitentiary huge Sandy, a high-security prison in Kentucky, after that got involved in one altercation with one more inmate. He to be then moved to USP Thomson, a high-security jail in Illinois, in October 2020. 

On previous President Trump's last day in office, the issued more than 100 pardons, among them being because that Black. 

“Before his conviction and after reaching success together a recording artist, Kodak Black came to be deeply affiliated in many philanthropic efforts,” the White House’s official statement read. “In fact, he has actually committed to supporting a range of charitable efforts, such as offering educational resources to students and also families of fallen legislation enforcement officers and the underprivileged.”

RealDonaldTrump for His Commitment to Justice Reform and also Shortening my Sentence. I additionally Want To thank Everyone For your Support and also Love.It method More 보다 You Will ever Know. I desire To proceed Giving Back, Learning and also Growing.

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