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Ken Starr, in full Kenneth Winston Starr, (born July 21, 1946, Vernon, Texas, U.S.), American lawyer best known as the elevation counsel (1994–99) who headed the investigation that led to the impeachment that U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton.

The boy of a minister, Starr offered bibles door-to-door to knife money for college. ~ attending George Washington college (B.A., 1968) and also Brown university (M.A., 1969), he earned a Juris Doctor level (1973) from duke University. He held federal government positions, serving as a law clerk (1975–77) come Chief justice Warren Burger, together a counselor come the U.S. Attorney general (1981–83), as an appellate judge (1983–89), and as U.S. Solicitor basic (1989–93).

In august 1994 Starr was named the independent counsel to command the investigation into the so-called Whitewater affair, which affiliated a land transaction in Arkansas throughout the time Clinton, a Democrat, was the state’s governor. As a result of the investigation, 11 people—including Clinton associates James and Susan McDougal—were judge of crimes. Starr later on looked into the suicide of White house counsel Vincent Foster, a longtime girlfriend of the Clintons, but the issue was ultimately closed. He ultimately was command to inspection what became known as Travelgate, involving the firing of longtime White residence workers, and also Filegate, pertaining come FBI documents on Republicans the were discovered in the White House. In 1998, however, allegations of one affair in between Clinton and White house intern Monica Lewinsky came to be the emphasis of Starr’s attention.

Controversy surrounding Starr’s investigation, which included the media’s relentless reporting of lurid information, and also both Starr and the White residence were charged through making wrong leaks. There were accusations that the investigative tasks of Starr, a Republican, to be politically motivated. Starr additionally was criticized for proceeding to stand for clients the his legislation firm, Kirkland & Ellis, and he was eventually forced to take an unpaid leaving from the firm. After continuously denying the affair, in respectable 1998 Clinton publicly admitted to having actually a sexual connection with Lewinsky. Less than a month later Starr released his report, which sustained the charges that Clinton had actually committed perjury, obstructed justice, tampered v a witness, and abused his strength as U.S. President. In the report, which to be accompanied through voluminous evidence that contained a semen-stained dress, tapes that telephone conversations, and grand jury testimony, Starr found that Clinton had actually lied under oath about a sexual connection with Lewinsky and had taken steps to cover it up. The report to be both legalistic in its tone and also salacious in its explicit descriptions of sex-related encounters between the two. Based upon Starr’s findings, the house of to represent voted come impeach the president in December 1998. The Senate acquitted Clinton the complying with year.

Starr attracted sharp criticism for his occupational as independent counsel, and also in 1999 the resigned. (He was changed by Robert W. Ray, and also the investigation continued until 2002, but no criminal fees were ever filed versus Clinton.) Starr subsequently changed to personal practice. He notably was on the defense team because that financier Jeffrey Epstein, that was accused of various crimes, including sex trafficking. In what many saw together a lenient deal, Epstein pleaded guilty come solicitation charges in 2008. Starr later on served together dean the Pepperdine University’s regulation school (2004–10) before coming to be president the Baylor college in 2010; he also became chancellor in 2013. During his tenure in ~ Baylor, the school drew criticism for its response to a collection of alleged sexual assaults, a variety of which were supposedly committed by football players. In might 2016 an independent examination released a report that claimed the university had actually seriously mishandled the accusations. Quickly thereafter Starr was removed as president, and he later on resigned as the school’s chancellor. In 2018 he published Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation. 2 years later Starr join Pres. Donald Trump’s defense team for his an initial impeachment trial in the Senate; trump was ultimately acquitted.

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