They say money can"t buy delight — and also it certainly can"t buy Home Improvement co-stars Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson. 

If you"re not a "90s kid, it"s tough to describe just how big of a phenomenon Home Improvement remained in its heyday. The family sitcom turned Allen right into a family name and his signature noise from the series — a mixture of a generic dad character"s sigh and the guttural wailing the a monster native a fantasy novel — will forever it is in etched in the annals of famous culture. (Think around it this way: how plenty of television sitcoms have actually their own video game adaptation?) 

So why did together a successful series end after ~ its eighth season on air? Let"s discuss.

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During that run, Home Improvement always finished in the optimal 10 most-watched shows, and the collection finale was perceived by an estimated 35 million people across the United claims with a "21.2 rating and also a 34 share" — which means that a third of all TVs were set on alphabet to check out the finishing of the series. 

However, by the time all to be said and also done, the gibbs who illustrated the patriarchs the the Taylor household — Allen as Timothy "Tim" Taylor and also Richardson together Jillian "Jill" Taylor — couldn"t even be bribed with a an unified $75 million to stay on for one more season.

By the time Home Improvement season 8 to be wrapping up production, ABC and also the show"s manufacturing team want to carry everyone earlier for one more season. Pretty reasonable for a display that had actually never dropped the end of the peak 10 mirrors in America, to it is in sure. Yet by this time, Allen and also Richardson had wanted nothing much more than to relocate on. Richardson had actually just perfect her first major film role a couple of years before, and Allen to be riding the Disney train to Hollywood superstardom with his role as Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise. No wanting to lose their cash cow, network executives threw boatloads the cash at the pair — $25 million for Richardson and $50 million because that Allen.

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Both stars turn it under without a 2nd thought.

When asked about the jae won windfall that wasn"t come be, Richardson said, "Yeah i would"ve chosen to have had the $25 million, girlfriend know, however I currently made a the majority of money from Home Improvement, I made enough to live fine the rest of my life without working, i knew I"d wanna occupational anyway. You know, execute I need a Learjet? No, i really don"t." 

Both Allen and also Richardson have gone on come have an extensive Hollywood careers, and while one can"t help but wonder if the pair ever regrets turning down such a lucrative offer, they"re for sure doing just fine because that themselves.