Gwen Ifill, center, was a nationwide correspondent because that NBC once she spoke in Springfield, in 1998, in ~ the regional conference the the national Association of black color Journalists. She was a 1973 graduate of classic High School. She passed away Nov. 14 of endometrial cancer.

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Renowned PBS journalist and former Springfield resides Gwen Ifill passed away Nov. 14 from a cancer more likely to take the resides of african American ladies in this country, despite its five-year survive rates can be great with at an early stage detection.

As reported in the Washington Post, Ifill's brother Robert meeting her death at period 61 to cancer of the endometrium, i beg your pardon is the most common cancer that the woman reproductive organs and one that usually occurs in older women.

However, there room no screening tests come detect the condition in women thought about at average risk and also with no warning signs, therefore the cancer may go undetected in some women till it reaches an advanced stage and also has spread out to various other sites.

Studies have discovered the disease to it is in on the increase amongst all racial and also ethnic groups, yet the boost is claimed to be greater among African American women. Castle are additionally said to be at higher risk for more aggressive forms of endometrioid cancer, and to have lower five-year survival prices for all forms of the disease.

Dr. Nada M. Kawar, who practices gynecologic oncology and also general surgical procedure as component of the Baystate regional Cancer Program, approximates that the regime treats part 300 women every year for endometrioid cancer. Most, she said, have actually less aggressive types of endometrioid cancer, and also face good outcomes through surgery.

"It is by much the most common (gynecological) cancer us see," stated Kawar who operates on two or 3 women a week because that cancer that the endometrium.

Kawar listed that endometrioid cancer, specifically when recognize early and treated, uses "good prognosis" compared with various other cancers, though she added it deserve to be "deadly if that returns and also spreads."

It is approximated that part 60,050 women will certainly be diagnosed through endometrial cancer in 2016, representing about 3.6 percent of all brand-new cancer cases, and also that 10,470 will die native the disease.

In comparison, estimates for new cases of breast cancer in 2016 are 246,660, representing about 14.6 percent that all brand-new cancer cases, and also that 40,450 will certainly die from the disease.

The endometrium is the inner lining that the uterus. It thickens to nourish a feasible embryo at an early stage in a woman's term cycle, and then is melted if no pregnant occurs. Cancer the the endometrium is generally evidenced through a biopsy, and also Kawar claimed standard treatment generally requires removal that the uterus and cervix, and also the ovaries and fallopian tubes, and also lymph nodes to determine the stage of cancer.

Further treatment may involve radiation and chemotherapy.

Kawar claimed symptoms the the disease may include abnormal quality bleeding and also discharge. Risk factors include age, obesity, never ever being pregnant and also late menopause.

According to the American Cancer Society, endometrial cancer is the most common cancer of the woman reproductive organs. The average period of diagnosis is 60.

According to 2013 details from the Centers for an illness Control and Prevention, afri American ladies were much more likely to die of uterine cancer than any kind of other group, followed by Caucasians, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, and also American Indian/Alaska indigenous women.

In 2013, according to federal government statistics, there to be an approximated 635,437 women living v endometrial cancer in the unified States. The percent of females surviving five years, from 2006 come 2012, to be 81.7 percent.

Reasons progressed for why the disease is much more prevalent and also deadly amongst African American women vary for socioeconomic factors to differences in tumor biology.

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