Gucci, who had actually a fierce Verzuz fight with Jeezy on November 19, was a changed man when he to be released from prison.

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Gucci Mane performs in ~ the 10th yearly ONE Musicfest in ~ Centennial Olympic Park ~ above September 7, 2019 in AtlantaCredit: Getty Images

Who is rapper Gucci Mane?

Gucci Mane is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

Gucci, whose genuine name is Radric Delantic Davis, is perhaps finest known because that hits favor Both, I gain the Bag and also Wake up in the Sky.

The veteran musician has actually released 14 studio albums since he fight the i know good hop step in 2005.

He married wife Keyshia Ka'oir in 2017 ~ proposing to her at an Atlanta Hawks game.

Gucci Mane and also Keyshia Ka'Oir to visit the 2018 MTV video clip Music Awards in ~ Radio City Music HallCredit: Getty photos - Getty

The bet network filmed a 10-part collection around the lavish event titled Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir: The Mane Event.

Gucci shares a 12-year-old child with ex Sheena Evans and also is stepdad come Ka'ior's three kids from a vault relationship, 2 daughters and a son.

In addition, Gucci and also his wife newly revealed they to be expecting their first child together.


Gucci Mane and wife Keyshia Ka'oir room expecting their first child togetherCredit: Getty images - Getty

When did Gucci Mane go to jail?

Gucci was sent to jail in 2014 for two years ~ pleading guilty to possession the a firearm through a judge felon.

He arised from jail a transformed man - he lost 100 pounds when behind bars.

A man who claimed he was a girlfriend of the rapper's called police to say Davis to be walking down the street behaving violently, according to one Atlanta police report.

When police arrived, Davis smelled strongly of marijuana, cursed at them, called them names and also threatened come shoot them, according to the report.

Police arrested the on a disorderly conduct charge and found a clear baggie through what they think was marijuana and also a loaded handgun, the report says.


Gucci Mane attends Gucci Mane Woptober II Album relax Party at yellow Room on October 19, 2019 in AtlantaCredit: Getty images - Getty

Is Gucci's feud through Jeezy over?

Gucci and also Jeezy may have put an finish to your 15-year feud in a Verzuz fight in November of 2020.

The clash, hosted in Atlanta strip club Magic City, experienced the two longtime adversaries go head-to-head prior to 1.8million eager viewers.

The feud involved countless fights between the two rappers' entourages and even a murder charge.

Their beef stemmed native a disagreement about the rights to Gucci's 2005 single “Icy” featuring Young Jeezy and also Boo, which resulted in a member of Jeezy’s crew, rapper Henry Lee Clark III aka Pookie Loc, gaining shot to death after attempting to plunder Gucci with four other men. 


Jeezy performs onstage throughout 2020 Funkfest in ~ Legion field on November 07, 2020 in Birmingham, AlabamaCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

Prosecutors ultimately dropped charges versus Gucci that maintains that he was acting in self-defense.

In the Verzuz duel, Gucci and also Jeezy came challenge to challenge trading their iconic hits, while likewise firing turn off intense verbal exchanges.

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Fans tapped in via Instagram Live and also Apple Music because of the coronavirus pandemic.


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