ER: Why George Clooney's Doug Ross Left the collection For 5 seasons, George Clooney played Dr. Doug Ross, a Pediatric surgeon who wasn"t fear to bend the rules on ER. Here"s why the left after five seasons.

For five seasons, George Clooney played heartthrob and pediatric operated doctor Dr. Doug Ross on ER. His duty as the charming, womanizing bad-boy was met with practically overnight success, with the show becoming television"s most-watched drama and also cementing the actor, that was relatively unknown in ~ the time, together a family members name. Ross"s periodically explosive exploits at the County basic Hospital in Chicago and his will-they-won"t they connection with Nurse Carol Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) to be highlights in early seasons, and Ross became one that the breakout personalities of the show.

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However, in the 16th illustration of ER"s fifth season, Ross departed the series. Let"s look at who Dr. Ross was on ER and also why George Clooney left the series.

ER -- George Clooney
from the minute he drunkenly showed up onscreen, Dr. Ross"s playboy perspective and propensity to rest the rules became instantly apparent. Despite a facility and mysterious an individual life, Ross to be a cursed Pediatric other who sometimes put himself in harm"s way to save children and patients in danger. Every time Ross uncovered himself in the crosshairs the the hospital"s bureaucratic staff through his career in jeopardy for breaking the rules, he"d do things favor jump into action and save a drowning boy on nationwide TV, charming his way back into the hospital"s an excellent graces and securing his career for one more season.

Ross frequently pushed limits for the welfare of the children in his care, such as as soon as he performed a decoding on a drug-addicted infant without the mother"s consent and in violation the hospital policy, or when he broke the rule to aid a mother euthanize her terminally ok son. Yet despite every scandal, Ross remained committed to his work, and no one might stay mad at him for long.

However, if Ross may have been able come charm most of the doctors and nurses at County General, Nurse Carol Hathaway could see appropriate through the lovable rogue. Your up-and-down partnership was at the center of number of storylines, and even despite they constantly seemed to push each various other away, there was no denying the love in between them. ~ his attempts to help a patience goes also far and also lead come the closure that Hathaway"s clinic, Ross resigns and departs the series, relocating to Seattle and also leaving Hathaway behind. Hathaway later on discovers she"s pregnant v Ross"s twins, and in the Season 6 episode, "Such Sweet Sorrow," they reunite for good.

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ER header - Season 1 actors (Julianna Margulies, Eriq La Salle, George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Sherry Stringfield, noah Wyle)
Dr. Ross was created out that the collection so Clooney can focus ~ above his blossoming movie career. He"d already starred in Batman and also Robin, The Peacemaker and Out that Sight, but following his departure from the series that shoot him to stardom, he would go ~ above to show up in the critically acclaimed Three Kings and also earn a golden Globe Award for his duty in O Brother, wherein Art Thou?

According to ER executive, management producer john Wells, Clooney "lost literally millions of dollars by remaining on the show." However, the actor stayed patient and departed the collection after his contract expired in Season 5. Clooney would certainly return for a cameo throughout Hathaway"s leave in Season 6, and he and Margulies would certainly reprise their functions again because that the show"s 15th and final season.