After witnessing student come up v widely variable estimates for megalodon size, Victor Perez the evaluation the old calculations.He at some point helmed a examine modeling the extinction shark’s jaw from this width, offering brand-new size parameters for the species.Previously assumed to it is in 50 to 60 feet, some approximates find specific megalodon sharks to be up to 65 feet in length.

A lesson in a Florida classroom inadvertently reshaped what scientists know about megalodons, the extinct ancient shark, and also exactly how large they were.

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Traditional science calculated any type of given megalodon to it is in anywhere between 50 come 60 feet long. These estimates were at some point revised, however, once Victor Perez, a previous doctoral college student at the Florida Museum of herbal History, was teaching students how to extrapolate a megalodon’s size based upon fossilized this samples. 

Despite utilizing the timeless formula popularized in 2002, Perez’s students to be estimating shark sizes anywhere from 40 come 148 feet because that the very same shark.

“I was going around, checking, like, go you usage the not correct equation? Did girlfriend forget to convert your units?” Perez, who is currently the assistant curator of paleontology at the Calvert naval Museum in Maryland, said. “But it an extremely quickly came to be clear that it was no the college student that had made the error. That was just that the equations were no as exact as we had actually predicted.”

Using megalodon teeth found in aquatic habitats has actually long been thought about the most efficient proxy to identify an separation, personal, instance shark’s size. 

Simultaneously, this no the many accurate method to gauge a megalodon’s size, because scientists would have to recreate specifically where the tooth remained in the shark’s jaw. 


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Thanks come a sizable donation of fossil teeth from what was uncovered to be the same megalodon shark, Perez was able to account for part variability.

After piloting the great on reconstructing a megalodon’s jaw in assorted elementary and also high schools based upon the collection of teeth, Perez started to notice wide differentiate in the calculation of shark size in between students.

He climate partnered with other researchers and also took a different approach: modeling the megalodon’s jaw based on the broad of the tooth, quite than the height.

The wider paleontologist neighborhood responded well to the brand-new method. 

“I was rather surprised that undoubtedly no one had thought of this before,” said Ronny Maik Leder, who operated with Perez on the model. “The basic beauty of this method must have been too apparent to it is in seen. Our version was much much more stable 보다 previous approaches. This participation was a wonderful instance of why working through amateur and also hobby paleontologists is for this reason important.”

This new technique still dead a margin the error of about 10 feet when applied to particularly huge samples, i beg your pardon are now thought to be up to 65 feet long. Still, Perez supplies this example, currently published in the newspaper Palaeontologia Electronica, together a way to show science as consistently evolving.

“Even despite this potentially breakthroughs our understanding, we haven’t really settled the inquiry of how big megalodon was. Yes still an ext that can be done, however that would more than likely require finding a finish skeleton at this point,” he said.

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Correction: This story to be updated to do clear the the 148 feet size was one error in the calculations, and also that the maximum approximated length for a megalodon is currently thought to it is in 65 feet.