The polls have actually closed in the us presidential election yet the race for the White House in between Donald Trump and also Joe Biden is still unresolved. Why?

Millions an ext Americans have been poll by write-up due come coronavirus, which method a delay in counting all the votes was constantly likely.

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Different states stop voting at various times. The first polls closed on the East coastline at 19:00 regional time (00:00 GMT).

The full count is never ever completed on election night - the is regular - yet enough votes room usually in to check a winner.

A state is "projected" by major US media outlets once they think one candidate has actually an unbeatable lead.

That's not the final result but it almost always proves to be correct when all the votes are counted.

The president of the United says is not chosen straight by voters, however by what's recognized as the electoral college

The winner in every state bring away a certain variety of "electoral votes" based roughly on the size of its population.

In 2016, the election was referred to as for Donald trump at about 02:30 EST (07:30 GMT), after win in Wisconsin placed him over the 270.

Postal votes frequently take longer to count as they have to go through much more steps to it is in verified, such together a signature and resolve check.


Some says such as Florida permitted this procedure to start weeks before election day, for this reason the votes were ready to be counted.

The race is coming under to a few states such as Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and also Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania and also Wisconsin don't permit early votes to it is in processed till polling day, and also election officials have warned the counts could take days.

Arizona shows up to be leaning in the direction of Biden, and also it would certainly be the first time because 1996 that a Democrat winner there.

If Biden is successful in Arizona, he would certainly then should win two of the three so-called "blue wall" claims - Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania - to secure victory.

Although the previous vice-president at this time trails in all three, over there are numerous postal votes still come count, and an ext Democrats have voted this method than Republicans.

We room still waiting on Texas and North Carolina too, but they look at to be safely in Trump's hands.

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About half of states will expropriate postal ballots the arrive after choice day, as lengthy as they are postmarked by 3 November, so part votes won't it is in counted till days after ~ the election.