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“Make friends through pain and you will never ever be alone.”

~Ken Choubler, Leadville 100 mile race founder

Here is miscellaneous no-one speak you about ultra-marathons and 100-mile races in particular: It no matter how in shape you space physically, if friend don’t gain your mental right, you will certainly fail.

To operation 50, 65, 100 miles, takes more than physics conditioning.

This short article covers cultivate regimes, nutrition, and gear considerations to get you all set for your an initial 100-miler.

Because it is so important, us will begin with the mental side. Usage the table of materials to skip front if friend prefer.

Table that Contents:

How To run 100 mile In A Nutshell

100 mile races are grueling. Mile by mile lock tear down our joints and also muscles till they are, paradoxically, difficult knots of jello. Climate each mile take away its rotate chipping far at your will certainly power.

To be successful at finishing your very first ultra race, even if it is its 50K or 100 miles, requires mental fortitude.

Further on us will get in-depth about training tips and also tricks yet you have to start v why.

Find your reason for running 100 miles and your psychic will hold you accountable. Start with your mind and also you will excel much quicker than those around you.

Don’t acquire me wrong, you also have to train her physical side tough (like yes, really hard—we get into that additional down too), but the vital to lengthy term success while preserving your drive is psychological toughness.

Through training we construct calluses on our feet. As renowned hardman David Goggins put it, we must additionally work to develop calluses in ours minds.

Please remember, the content noted below is not meant as an experienced opinion. Details is based on personal experience and an individual research. Always consult a skilled first.

Finding your Why

As Simon Sinek discover in his influential, Start with Why, understanding the reason you room doing something will help you offer that idea come others.

When it concerns running 100 miles, discovering your why will help you market that seemingly huge task to yourself. This sound silly, but it is crucial to success.

I have seen athletes in much much better shape 보다 me hallucinating top top the trail, curled up in the fetal position at the assist station, and also zoned-out was standing motionless in the center of the trail in ~ 3 am.

Sometimes runners struggle right into an help station, sit under on a cot or the ground, and they nothing get ago up. I have actually seen castle sit down and also quit at mile 50 just as often as mile 80.

That temporary comfort soon melts their drive under to nothing because they no prepare your minds. Lock didn’t understand their why.

When the going gets tough, and it will, you require to have a solid why in your mind to save you moving forward.

One of my favorite to run Vloggers, Billy Yang, sums it up in this inspirational and also beautifully make video:

The quickest way to uncover your why is to talk to yourself. Ask yourself the tough questions and be brutally honest. Watch in the mirror before every cultivate run and focus ~ above why you room running in the first place.

This an approach was first popularized through Claude Bristol in The Magic of Believing—a roadmap come the strength of the mind that was means ahead that its time. Bristol calls that the mirror Technique.

David Goggins supplies a similar method he phone call the Accountability Mirror.

Here are a few questions come ask you yourself to acquire started:Why go I begin running in the first place?Why is to run mt first 100 miler so vital to me?What will it feel prefer to finish a 100-mile race?Who will certainly be the an initial person ns tell around it?How have I changed since I began running?What would have to happen to achieve this goal?

Take part time to dig right into the actual reason for wanting this and own it.

Maybe you are running to raise money because that a cause or you could be to run to prove you can do it. Maybe you do a bet. Possibly you have started a new phase in your life and also this is the culmination.

Whatever your reason, nobody is too small or as well big. What matters is the it is true because that you. Organize that in your mind for the whole of her preparation and the really event.

Some recommended analysis on running mindset: North, through Scott Jurek; and also Born come Run, through Christopher McDougall.

Mental Toughness

Knowing your why is a substantial component of mental toughness. Without it whatever else will ultimately fall apart. However, as with improving your lactate threshold or V02 max, the is something you have to train.

This is not something I simply made up. Friend can uncover proponents that this ‘mind-first’ training mindset in every search requiring will power.

Want come learn around mindset for endurance in-depth, examine out In pursuit Of Excellence, by terry Orlick; and my an individual favorites Training because that The brand-new Alpinism, by Steve residence et al; and just about anything through Mark Twight (the man who trained Superman and the 300 movie actors).

Repetition Is Power

Wherever you space in her running journey, when you action up to 100 miles or more, start out by training her mind simply as often as friend train your body.

Repetition is power. There is no better way than continuous repetition come build new skills, specifically mental skills. The more you do something the much easier it becomes.

In fact, brand-new evidence shows repetition is the crucial to mastery. As provided in The Talent Code, talent is in reality a procedure whereby we repeat a task over and over in different ways.

Our mind creates the pathways to take care of that task. The an ext that pathway is fired—repetition—the stronger that pathway becomes; resulting in mastery.

Importantly because that endurance athletes, the much more you problem your mind to persevere beyond your limits the simpler it is to accessibility that attitude when the counts.Create mental pathways bring about unstoppable perseverance.

If girlfriend are beginning from 0, walk out and also just run. Possibly 1/2 mile is too lot for you. It is ok. Run 1/3 mile today. Tomorrow add some more; operation 3/4 miles. The next day or week struggle 1 mile.

You are gradually training your body, yet you are also forming brand-new pathways in your mind. Repeat is the power that will acquire you from here to there.

Your Mind operation Harder 보다 Your Legs

Even if girlfriend are already a an excellent marathon distance runner but want to execute 100 miles, train in a method that is constantly pushing your mind and also your body.

For a fast look, check out 10-Minute Toughness.

Maybe that way longer-faster intervals. Or it could mean going out for a long duration operation over a fast run.

Put yourself in everything position provides your mind want to quit, then drive appropriate through it.

Here is the man himself on training her mind:

Motivation is wanting to run a 100 miler; drive is placing in daily initiative to make it happen. An inspiration is starting a race feeling good; drive is finishing a race despite feeling prefer hell.

When David Goggins talks around building calluses in her mind, this is what he is referring too.

In the middle of the night, in ~ mile 72 once you’re bonking on energy gels and gummy bear struggling to save your eyes open up its not the physical conditioning the keeps you moving, it is your psychological toughness.

Train for drive over motivation. Execute that, and you will cross the 100-mile complete line before you know it.

This Is walking To take it Time

You could have stumbled throughout training program or civilization claiming that you have the right to run a 100 miler turn off the couch if you want.

The male we mentioned over did it, why can not you?

Well, he put himself right into kidney failure and also constantly rolled the dice with death (turns out he had actually a hole is his love the totality time). He showed it is possible. Yet that doesn’t mean it is wise.

Most structured 100-mile training programs will last about 24 weeks, a half-year, minimum. And also that is presume a moderate level that fitness to start with.

It takes time to build up the physical and mental conditioning compelled for a 100 miler.

So if you are aiming because that the Leadville 100 or the Hurt 100 this year, be sure to begin training now.

Am I prepared To operation 100 Miles?

All this can lead you come wonder if friend are ready to operation 100 miles.

In mine experience, any kind of person v the time and the best reason can run 100 miles.

Are you ready to placed in the time? perform you know your why? Is her mind ready to propel you through any kind of obstacle in the method of that complete line?

Yes? then you room ready.

No? Then begin today, ideal now, and you will at some point succeed.

As a wise-crazy guy once said, “Don’t emphasis on what friend think girlfriend deserve. Take aim in ~ what you room willing come earn.”

It sounds simple, but that is the truth.

How to Train for A 100 Miler

Let’s obtain into the meat of it.

First off, begin ASAP. As I said, this is walking to take time.

Whether friend are starting from the couch or from a hard marathon level base, training because that ultra-distance will be different than what girlfriend are used to.

For civilization who are beginning from zero, it might be way to develop up come a marathon level base prior to progressing to much longer distances.

Hanson’s running has some great complimentary programs. Here is one example:


Previous standard wisdom promoted for at the very least 30 ounces/800 milliliters that water intake every hour of strenuous activity.

New evidence suggests that number is much too high, but also relative to body size and environmental conditions.

Hydration, your body’s capability to absorb and utilize water, cannot happen without electrolytes. This is part of why salt pills or electrolyte pills have come to be popular in the running world.

Salt pills or electrolyte tablets have end up being increasingly popular since they work. Your formulas vary, yet for the many part, you take 1 before the gyeongju then 1 every hour after ~ that.

As constantly test this out on her training operation first.

How much you hydrate will rely on exactly how much friend sweat, the temperature outside, and also how tough you room working.

As a minimum, shot for a couple of big sips every 15 minute while staying on peak of your electrolyte replacement.

What’s Next

Look right into some the the resources suggested below.

Pushing her body for 100 miles or more isn’t easy, it’s not a normal point to do. But you room not ordinary, you space extraordinary.

Anyone with the time and an inspiration can operation their an initial 100 miler. Eight yourself with the tools and knowledge to execute it right.

For a tiny inspiration, I believed I’d leave you through this mini-documentary that Bernd Heinrich; a legend runner and author that runs because that the pure love that it.

Running 100 miles isn’t going to be easy. A 100 miler will certainly test both your mind and also your body.

Train your psychological toughness just as lot as your physical fitness.

Take some time to uncover why you desire this goal. Understanding your why will allow you come tap right into the strength of her mind. After all your mind controls your body, no the other method around.

Re-affirming her why over and also over as you train will develop mental toughness and drive i m sorry will permit you to run through any type of barriers that might come up between mile 0 and mile 100.

Train for both distance and also time. Combine interval training into your setup as much as possible.

Mix things up. Run-on different species of terrain at various elevations often. Take a fill on part runs and also go without a load on others.

Be certain to gain a ‘near-distance’ operation in about 1.2 months prior to the begin date.

Start tapering at least a month in advance.

Don’t forget to take it a minimum of a few 100% remainder days leading up to the race.

Plan ahead and also bring the necessities v you. Recognize your race’s rule so you deserve to stash gives in drop-bags at aid stations along the method as permitted.

Test out your hydration and also nutrition strategy on training runs. Avoid too much basic sugar, stay on peak of electrolytes through salt or electrolyte pills, and also keep in mind that overhydration and under-hydration can both it is in detrimental.

Be certain to schedule in rest throughout both your training and also leading approximately the race. The night prior to the night before is your most vital night of sleep.

You have the right to run a 100-mile race.

Running 100 mile isn’t walking to be easy, but is noþeles worthwhile ever easy? It just takes time and perseverance.

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Follow the proposal in this article and also soon you will certainly be the one explaining how to run100 miles.