Air fryer roast lamb – tender, flavorful lamb roasted in the wait fryer, through no must toil over a hot oven. Season with fresh rosemary and thyme and also serve with roasted potatoes and fresh steamed vegetables because that a classic lamb roast.

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Air fryer roast lamb

How come Roast Lamb in an waiting Fryer

Cooking roast lamb in an air fryer is a an excellent option when you are short on time. It is quick and also easy, and no confusing roasting pans to deal with means it renders a great fuss-free roast ~ above the weekend, or something unique for a vacation celebration.

Air frying is together a good way come roast meat. That gets the delicious late to build on the outside conveniently so the the within of the meat remains succulent and juicy, and also it is much faster than range roasting. Ns no much longer turn my range on this days unless we are having a huge roast!

I also love that you don’t have the meat sitting appropriate in the fat, taking in it while it cooks, making waiting fryer roasted meats a healthy option. The air fryer that ns have* even insurance claims to remove some that the saturation fat native food, making it also healthier!

I have actually a couple of other famous recipes because that air fryer roasts you might like to try, such together this tasty air fryer rack the lamb, air fryer roast beef, or air fryer pork roast.

Scroll under for the printable card for this waiting fryer roast lamb recipe, or check out on for every the details!


What lamb to use

The recipe supplies a butterflied leg of lamb, i m sorry you have the right to ask your neighborhood butcher to prepare because that you, or you have the right to just reduced it open yourself utilizing a sharp knife. I would, however, introduce buying a boneless leg roast, together this will make the procedure much less complicated as the bone has currently been removed.

One of the good things around this cooking recipes is you deserve to actually usage any type of lamb roast. As long as that is roughly 2 inch thick, the cook times in the recipe below should be ideal (depending on her air fryer).

This allows the lamb to cook really easily in the waiting fryer, ensuring it stays succulent and also tender top top the inside. If it is more thickness or thinner 보다 this, friend will require to readjust the food preparation time in the cooking recipes below.

Note: If her lamb roast is thicker 보다 2 inches then you have the right to still usage this recipe however the food preparation times will certainly be longer than in the recipe below, so use a meat thermometer to examine progress during cooking.

We frequently have lamb rump roast, yet lamb loin roast is additionally great. Lamb rack is impressive cooked in an waiting fryer, however the chef times room slightly different so check out my recipe particularly for this cut: waiting fryer rack of lamb.


Air fried roast lamb has actually a lovely wealthy flavor, i m sorry is really enhanced by the standard seasoning that rosemary and also thyme.

You deserve to use any spices the you prefer with lamb, and also sometimes I use a Moroccan seasoning, cumin, or curry powder, yet I execute like a standard roast through rosemary and thyme, so normally stick to the cooking recipes below.

Air fryer lamb roast seasoning – rosemary and thyme, black color pepper, olive oil.


Step 1: Prepare lamb because that air frying

First, preheat the wait fryer to 360°F/ 180°C.

Then beat the lamb roast dry with file towels prior to seasoning. This step is important since the meat will only start browning after all the moisture has evaporated from the external surface.

Drizzle oil end the lamb, then add the salt, pepper, and herbs, and also rub right into the lamb. If you are using new rosemary, choose the pipeline off and also chop them increase quite carefully before making use of them. You can also add some totality sprigs on optimal of the lamb because that extra flavor.

Tip: for an easy method to season her lamb, mix every the herbs and also salt together with the oil top top a plate and also roll the lamb in it.

Air fryer lamb seasoned through rosemary and thyme.

Step 2: Air fry lamb

Place lamb roast in the air fryer basket. Add some extra sprigs the rosemary if you like. Air fry lamb roast at 360°F/ 180°C for around 15 minutes till cooked to her liking. Watch the section listed below on exactly how long come air fry lamb for an ext details.

Step 3: rest lamb.

Remove lamb native the wait fryer come a plate or cut board, cover v aluminum foil, and leave to rest for 10 minutes. This allows the juices come reabsorb into the meat before you cut it, ensuring it continues to be moist.

How long to air fried food lamb?

If you have a various sized lamb roast indigenous the recipe below, you have the right to work out just how long come air fried food it by complying with the rule of thumb to air fry lamb for 20 minutes every lb for rare, then include two minutes per lb because that each degree of doneness the you like.

The chef times in the recipe below are because that my Philips XXL Airfryer. If you have another powerful brand of wait fryer choose the Nuwave or a Ninja Foodi climate expect chef times to be similar.

The best method to tell whether your lamb roast is cooked is to usage a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. For roast lamb it should be 145°F / 63°C for medium. This is the minimum for sure temperature because that lamb follow to the USDA.

I have a wireless meat thermometer* that I frequently use as soon as I am air frying meat to acquire the chef time precisely right. The is an excellent to use through an wait fryer, as there are no wires so you have the right to use it v the air fryer drawer totally shut and monitor temperature during cooking. Shop it virtual here*.

Any instant-read type meat thermometer will do the job though. Try Thermopro* because that a quality brand with budget-friendly options.

Season, and also place lamb in waiting fryer basket.
Air fried food lamb roast till it will 145°F (63°C)

Serving roast lamb

I love to serve a standard roast v gravy, Dijon mustard, roasted potatoes, and fresh microwave steam vegetables.

If you also want to cook side bowl in the waiting fryer, you can precook lock for component of the food preparation time prior to the lamb, then put them back in the waiting fryer to finish food preparation for 10 minute while the lamb is resting.

I often chef these waiting fryer roast potatoes once we have this lamb roast, right here is my method:

Prepare the potatoes and roast lock in the wait fryer because that 15 minute while i season the lamb.Remove the potato to a bowl and also cover through foil while i roast lamb. Eliminate the lamb to rest for ten minutes, and return the potato to the waiting fryer to finish roasting.

Or, if you have actually a big air fryer, friend can chef the lamb and also vegetables in the wait fryer at the exact same time. You simply need to work out i m sorry takes longer to cook, and remember that the veges can chef on their own for ten minute at the end while the lamb is resting.

For a standard roast, I offer roast lamb with a mint sauce. You deserve to try straightforward homemade variation by mix chopped new mint leaves with sugar and also vinegar. The looks a small rustic, but tastes fantastic!

Alternatively, for a quick and also easy gravy, try this recipe because that making brown gravy from share cubes.

Storing and reheating

Store any type of leftover lamb roast in one air-tight container in the refrigerator, and also use within 3 days.

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You can reheat lamb roast in the waiting fryer, air fry for 3-4 minutes till warmed through. Alternatively, you deserve to reheat it in the microwave, 1-2 minute on high.