When it pertains to supplements, especially creatine, many people wonder about how lengthy you deserve to safely take them. I was wondering the myself, so ns did part research. Just how long can you take creatine without any kind of harmful next effects?

The an easy answer is that you deserve to take creatine safe for as much as 5 years. Creatine usage past 5 years hasn’t to be studied, therefore it can’t be recognized if that safe. So, if you’re taking creatine at a normal dose, it’s well-known to be safe for up to 5 years.

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While you can safely take it creatine for a while, there are some caveats and side effects you have to know around if you’re walk to be supplementing creatine in the lengthy term. Below, ok explain every one of these in-depth.

Creatine is great, and you deserve to take it for a lengthy time without side results if you obtain the right brand. I wrote about my favorite brand of creatine, so examine that the end if you interested, and use the code “GET15” because that 15% off!

How Long have the right to I take it Creatine?


According to the mei Clinic and also other clinical journals, creatine is recognized to be safe to take for around 5 years. Supplementing creatine any type of longer 보다 this hasn’t to be studied yet, so you can’t be sure that the safe. This gift said, creatine is probably the most studied fitness supplement that exists, therefore you deserve to rest assured that common use of that is safe.

While you can take it creatine because that up to five years, doctors do have actually some concerns about its lengthy term use. If you take creatine in high doses because that a long period of time, you could incur damages to her liver, kidneys, and also heart. V that said, if you take it creatine in a normal, 5 grams/day dose, you much less likely come be affected by these next effects.

Other side effects include:

DehydrationGaining weightWater weightDiarrheaFeeling dizzyStomach painHeat intoleranceFeversMuscle crampsUpset stomach

While these are some possible side impacts of creatine, lock not experienced by all customers or even a many creatine users. Personally, i have taken creatine for years and also haven’t competent any an adverse side effects.

At the end of the day, creatine is for sure for as much as 5 years if you take it a normal, healthy dosage. Sheep of creatine more than 5 grams every day, or consumption longer 보다 5 years has the potential because that harmful next effects and hasn’t to be studied thoroughly enough yet to understand if that safe.

If you’re acquisition the encourage amount the creatine, she most most likely not going to experience any kind of harmful side effects, presume you’re healthy otherwise. Creatine is discovered naturally in the human body, and it’s the many studied supplement out there, and it’s one of the safest supplements easily accessible to buy, even in the lengthy term.


Why You must Use a Creatine Loading Phase


If you nothing know, this is what creatine loading is. When you take creatine, her muscles store stores of the to usage as power when it needs it. If you take it creatine and start v a 5 grams/day dose, it will certainly take a couple of weeks for these shop to become saturated.

This method that it will take a couple of weeks for the creatine to begin making and effect on her muscles. Here’s where creatine loading comes right into play. Loading creatine is whereby you take as much as 20 grams that creatine every day instead of 5, for about a week.

When you do this, your muscles space saturated with creatine lot faster, an interpretation that creatine take away its result on your body and also muscles lot faster. Loading can be an excellent if friend want outcomes quickly, yet it additionally uses a many creatine in the process.

If you’re quick on money, I’d recommend no doing a loading phase. Otherwise, creatine loading is great, yet you should only do it for about a week, before going come a reduced dose the 5 grams per day.

Many civilization associate creatine loading phases with creatine cycles, where you avoid taking it for a duration of time, prior to doing a loading phase again. I’ll go over this much more in-depth below, yet to placed it shortly, cycle creatine no necessary. If you desire to learn much more about creatine cycling, keep reading this article.

While loading creatine is very beneficial, that not essential to watch results. If you select not to execute a creatine loading phase the only advantage you’ll be shedding out on is much faster results.


You Don’t need to Cycle on and also off Creatine

Before, I mentioned that some people cycle creatine. A creatine bicycle is whereby you perform a loading phase, where you take about 20 grams/day that creatine, a maintenance phase, whereby you take around 5 grams/day for a couple of months. After ~ these two phases, you protect against taking creatine because that a couple of weeks, before beginning over in ~ the loading phase.

The idea behind creatine cycle is that it provides your human body a rest from supplementation, you avoid being as dependent top top creatine, and also taking it together a complement becomes more effective. Together with those reasons, it’s typical to think that acquisition a break from creatine will lower your opportunities of harmful side effects.

All this being said, yes sir 0 proven proof that creatine cycle has any type of positive influence on its results and 0 proof that the lowers your danger of side impacts or injury to her body. In reality, creatine cycles mean more loading phases, which method you’re using more creatine. Suppliers that make/sell creatine press the legend of creatine cycling in order to sell more of their supplements and make an ext money.

Creatine is safe for use for year at a time there is no cycling it. This is just one of the things that bothers me about the fitness industry. Myths are spread by companies in order to make more money, even if they have actually no communication in truth. The factor I started this website to be to combat myths choose this and administer information that will save you money, and make an ext progress v your lifting and fitness goals.

As friend learned before, creatine deserve to be used safely for approximately 5 years, without a creatine cycle. Selecting to cycle creatine has no proven benefits, and also will just waste your supplements and also make girlfriend spend much more money.

What room Some typical Side impacts of Creatine?


While creatine has many possible side impacts that I detailed above, there space some that are much an ext common 보다 others. Below, I’ll go over the most usual ones.

Stomach Pain:

Any supplement, creatine included, can reason stomach pain. This can happen for a selection of reasons however can take place when taking any kind of supplement your body isn’t used to. Stomach pain typically goes far after her body gets provided to creatine, however if it’s as well uncomfortable because that you, stop taking creatine appropriate away.


Creatine reasons muscle cells to entry water. This way that the cells draw water from other parts of her body. If you aren’t getting sufficient water intake, this can cause the remainder of her body to end up being dehydrated. You have the right to fix this merely by drinking much more water or reducing your creatine intake.

Gaining Water Weight:

As I simply mentioned, creatine reasons your muscle cell to retain water. This way that every one of your muscle cell have more water and also therefore an ext weight. This causes you to be heavier, and for her muscles come look bigger, even if you no actually any kind of stronger. Yes sir not lot you have the right to do to combat this, next from protecting against creatine use altogether.

Muscle Cramping:

When taking creatine, you can likewise experience muscle cramps. This can occur for a variety of reasons, mainly the truth that your muscle cells are physically larger due to the raised water. Again, your body might adjust to the increased levels the creatine, however if the too much to handle, prevent taking creatine.

While this are fairly minor next effects, there’s always the potential of an ext serious side impacts from creatine. Before taking creatine, or any kind of other supplement, talk to your doctor and also make sure you’re in a an excellent enough that a condition.

Most brands of creatine will insurance claim that their brand has fewer side results than other types. If this sound great, virtually every type of creatine has the potential to cause the very same side effects. If you desire to find out more, check out my article on every form of creatine and also what their distinctions are!


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How long Should You take it Creatine before Cycling Off? over there is no data reflecting that you should cycle creatine, even when you’re acquisition it long term. If girlfriend want an ext info, here’s an short article I composed on whether or no you must cycle creatine.

How do You take Creatine? For common use, you have to take about 5 grams per day the creatine. You have the choice of law a loading phase, whereby you take an ext starting off, which makes creatine efficient a lot much more quickly however isn’t necessary.

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Does Creatine impact You Sexually? if there space rumors of creatine raising testosterone, or even lowering her libido, there is no evidence proving the creatine affects girlfriend sexually in any type of way.