3 2 1 ribs room a stupid proof means to get autumn off the bone soft ribs. The 3 2 1 rib method is based upon smoking ribs at a details temperature for 3 hours, wrapping v liquid because that 2 hours, and saucing because that the final 1 hour.

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3 2 1 smoked Ribs

Today, I’m mirroring you one amazing technique for smoking ribs: the stupid proof 3 2 1 ribs recipe. This an approach has acquired a lot of popularity with home cooks in recent years due to the fact that of the flawless outcomes in churning out super tender ribs that autumn off the bone every time.

While competition and traditional BBQ cooks will scoff at fall off the bone ribs, the reality is that most world really choose them the way. Judges because that KCBS won’t give you a win score, however they additionally won’t it is in hanging the end in your backyard critiquing what you and your family are eating. So ns say, cook what you like!

So fire up her smoker (I like to cook ribs on mine Camp chief SmokePro LUX), and let’s acquire smoking!


3 2 1 Rib Method

I firmly believe that you should cook food the method you like it, and ribs are no different! You choose your ribs saucy? put some extra sauce on castle (I choose using mine Kansas City format BBQ Sauce)! You choose your ribs falling turn off the bone? follow this 3 2 1 Rib Method! These are your ribs after ~ all. Don’t friend let the man obtain you down. Simply don’t.

Here’s how to chef your ribs utilizing the 3 2 1 method:

Smoke because that 3 hours. start with exposing the seasoned ribs come 3 hours of heavy smoke over short heat. I like fruit woods (apple or cherry) as soon as smoking pork, yet other hardwoods (hickory and also alder) also work yes, really well with ribs.Wrap because that 2 hours. after ~ the initial 3-hour smoke, silver paper the ribs with a liquid of your selecting (I offered apple cider, 1/4 cup dark brown sugar, and also 2-3 Tablespoons of butter) and also cook at 225-250 degrees for 2 much more hours. After the braising period I watch for good retraction that the meat indigenous the bones. I want the bones to it is in exposed top top the end at the very least 1/4 to 1/2 one inch.Sauce and also smoke because that 1 hour.

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Lastly, baste the ribs basted in your favorite BBQ sauce and also return them come the grill for a final hour come hour and a half to complete the ribs and collection the sauce.

Sticky, sweet, tender, and also oh so savory, 3 2 1 ribs are most likely the most requested enjoy the meal I get for potlucks or household dinners. I tend to fall ago on these ribs for gatherings because I know that lock will provide that tender, flavorful porky smell every time. And also sometimes consistency is super important!


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