The 2019 Victoria"s mystery fashion show has to be cancelled, that is parent agency L Brands has confirmed. This is the first time that the news - an initial mooted by VS design Shanina Shaik in July - has been made official by the label itself.

When inquiry if there would be a brand fashion present this year, L brand chief financial officer Stuart Burgdoerfer said: “No, we’ll be communicating to customers, yet nothing that I would certainly say is comparable in magnitude to the fashion show. Us think it’s crucial to evolve the marketing of Victoria’s Secret."

Earlier this year, regular VS models to be commenting on exactly how "disappointing" the is the the present wasn"t occurring - including 27-year-old Georgia Fowler.

"I typical I"ve excellent it for the previous three years and it was always a dream cultivation up to it is in a component of it," the brand-new Zealand-born design told the Australian everyday Telegraph in October.

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"It"s disappointed it"s not going to take place this year - however who to know what will happen."

Shanina Shaik, that is a longtime ambassador for the lingerie retailer, has appeared in the catwalk show seven times since making she debut in 2011.

"Unfortunately the Victoria"s mystery show won"t be happening this year," she said the Daily Telegraph in July. "It"s other I"m not supplied to due to the fact that every year about this time I"m training like an angel."


Prior to the model"s comments, that was formerly reported the the show would no longer be broadcast on television - yet there was nothing yet to indicate that it wouldn"t be happening at all.

Fast forward 2 months native Shaik"s interview, and Rihanna hosted her Savage x Fenty present spectacle during new York Fashion main - an event which aired solely on Amazon element on 20 September. Naturally, the decision to transfer the display meant the comparisons were drawn to VS - specifically the stark differences between the 2 brands. Rihanna"s occasion demonstrated a body-positive, size-inclusive technique to lingerie the celebrated and also empowered a diverse spectrum the women, causing plenty of to announce the she"d triumphed wherein Victoria"s mystery had failed. Her models - who were of various ethnicities, sizes and also shapes - didn"t just walk down a runway, castle twerked, stomped and also danced their means through the show.

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Earlier this year, Leslie Wexner, chief executive of Victoria"s Secret"s parental company, l Brands, evidenced that the VS show wouldn"t be broadcast on network TV.

"We have decided to re-think the classic Victoria’s an enig Fashion Show," he created in an email sent to other employees. "Going forward, we don’t think network tv is the best fit."