ONE year has actually passed due to the fact that Tiger King take it the people by a storm, v Joe Exotic shoot to superstardom.

But through the Netflix star thrown behind bars in 2019, one may be curious to understand if he will ever before get out of jail.

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Joe Exotic's mugshotCredit: Mega

Is Joe Exotic still in prison?

Exotic is dealing with 22 year in a cabinet after he was found guilty of a murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin and for violating number of wildlife laws.

Netflix emotion Tiger King complied with Joe Exotic and also his overseeing of the facility of a controversial exclusive zoo in Oklahoma. Lot of the series hinged on Exotic's long-running feud through Baskin, CEO of big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

In what turned out to be a spectacular miscalculation, Joe Exotic's legitimate team to be so i was sure his jail sentence would certainly be pardoned through the then-President Donald trumped - they had a limo wait for him exterior the prison.

He would certainly not step foot within it, as Trump's pardon never came. Exotic remained behind bars after ~ Trump left him turn off his perform of pardons that contained 70 people, as well as the sentence of 73 rather commuted on his critical day together President.

Joe lost no hope, however, together he was persuaded that the present President that the joined States, Joe Biden, might find the in his heart to pardon him.

Back in May, Joe mutual his cancer diagnosis v his Twitter adhering to and, once again, asked because that a presidential pardon.

He climate pleaded Donald Trump's follower and Vice-President Kamala Harris to let that "go home and also get proper medical car and also food."


Joe Exotic was sentenced come 22 years in prison

He also claimed that his previous inquiry for clemency had been rejected because he to be "too innocent and too GAY."

This Thursday, July 15, 2021, a commonwealth appeals court in Denver declared that Joe Exotic should have been given a shorter prison sentence.

The three-judge panel concluded that he was wrongfully treated by the court once calculating his jail sentence.

His advisory sentencing variety should have been set between 17,5 years and right under 22 years, fairly than in between 22 and 27 years.

The appeals court ordered Joe, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, to it is in re-sentenced, which could lead the to very early release.

Joe Exotic will be re-sentencedCredit: AP

When is Joe Exotic's release date?

In 2019, Exotic was convicted ~ above 17 federal charges of animal abuse and also two counts of check murder for hire.

He to be sentenced come 22 year in federal prison, meaning as things stand his earliest feasible release would certainly come in the year 2041, in ~ which time Exotic would certainly be 80 years of age.

But through re-sentencing top top the horizon, Joe Exotic might be exit from prison as early on as mid-2036.


Exotic's previous sanctuary is currently owned by rival Carole BaskinCredit: AFP

Where is Joe Exotic?

Currently, Joe Exotic is located in Federal clinical Centre fort Worth, in Texas.

Exotic was initially incarcerated in Grady county Jail in Oklahoma, yet in April 2020 - after ~ a wire of COVID-19 cases, he was relocated to FMC fort Worth together a security precaution.

Exotic is reputed high-risk indigenous coronavirus, and also as of march 2021 it was reported the he was suffering from a blood-immune disorder and also was being refused treatment in his present location.

He has also been diagnosed with prostate cancer in May, 2021.

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He penned an open letter to his fans explaining the sort of treatment he has been subjected to during his sentence, writing: "As most human being know, i was born through CVID not COVID-19 and anemia and required blood infusions every 4 weeks.

"I have not had actually one because the end of January, i am weight, sores won’t heal, I’ll be dead in 2-3 months.

"It’s like I’ve been sent to death row, they’ve quit all my medications other than one, this ar is Hell ~ above Earth, and also the mental torture of gift locked in this room alone and not also hearing Dillon’s (his existing partner) voice or a letter, i wish I can just have finished things once Travis (his previous partner) died."