The face-off is set Wednesday in Salt Lake City, Utah, as Trump undergoes treatment for the coronavirus.

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Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, arguments Vice chairman Mike Pence in Salt Lake City, Utah, top top Wednesday.Chelsea Stahl / NBC News
The only vice presidential debate of the 2020 choice is reserved for Wednesday — and also President Donald Trump"s coronavirus diagnosis and Vice chairman Mike Pence"s feasible exposure are bringing extra scrutiny to the already highly guess showdown in between him and also Sen. Kamala Harris.

Pence, who sat in front of and across from civilization who were later on diagnosed through Covid-19 in ~ a rose Garden event for can be fried Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett top top Sept. 26, has actually so much tested negative for the coronavirus. Pence"s physician said in a letter exit Tuesday the he go "not have to quarantine" and also is "encouraged come go about his normal activities."


Here"s what you need to know.


The 90-minute debate will take location at 9 p.m. ET at the college of Utah"s Kingsbury room in Salt Lake City.


Susan Page, USA Today"s Washington office chief, will certainly moderate. Page has covered 6 presidential managements and 10 presidential elections.


The style will be similar to the commonly panned very first presidential debate in between Trump and also Joe Biden. It will be divided into ripe segments of roughly 10 minute each, and also there will certainly be no advertisement breaks, according to the board of directors on Presidential Debates. Unequal the presidential debate, topics room not gift disclosed front of time.

The moderator will certainly ask an opening question to Pence first, ~ which each candidate will have two minutes to respond, the board of directors said. Page will use the balance of the moment in the segment for a deeper conversation of the topic.

Those "deeper discussions" brought about the candidates interrupting every other and speaking end each other in the Trump-Biden debate, but Pence and Harris are an ext traditional debaters.

There will certainly be no opened or close up door statements. Pence and Harris will certainly each be seated behind a desk.

WHAT around COVID-19?

As to be the case with the presidential debate, the candidates will certainly be experiment ahead the time and also won"t shower hands, yet a variety of extra safety actions are being put in place.

The candidates will sit just over 12 feet apart, together opposed to the original 7 feet that had actually been planned. Web page will it is in 12 feet away from the candidates, as well.


There will be "a small variety of ticketed guests" that will it is in tested before the debate, yet they will certainly be escorted out if they execute not wear masks during the event, the commission claimed — an obvious nod to the trump card family"s refuse to store their masks on during the first debate.

Plexiglass is set up in front of each candidate"s desk.

Harris" team had actually asked because that the measure, which was mocked through Pence"s spokeswoman, Katie Miller. "If Sen. Harris wants to usage a fortress about herself, have at it," Miller claimed Monday.

Ron Klain, a an elderly adviser to Joe Biden"s campaign, comment the "head the the WH Task force on COVID (Pence) must be busy acquiring plexiglass into countless workplaces and also shops to save workers and shoppers for sure — not belittling its use."

On stage, no the candidates nor page will undertake masks.

High-quality MERV 13 wait filters have actually been set up in the debate hall as component of retrofitting campus structures during the pandemic, the college of Utah said.

HOW have the right to I WATCH?

It deserve to be checked out live on every the significant TV networks, consisting of ABC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox, MSNBC and also NBC, and many of the significant networks will market it on their apps. Human being can also watch via subscription streaming services favor Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and also FuboTV and on YouTube.

MSNBC will begin special coverage at 8 p.m. ET and NBC News in ~ 9 p.m. ET.

NBC News now will provide free debate coverage start at 8 p.m. ET, available to currently live and on demand throughout OTT platforms, consisting of Peacock, NBCUniversal"s new streaming service. will live blog the debate, consisting of fact-checks and analysis.


There space two more presidential debates scheduled, and also both are this month. Regardless of concerns around his health, trump maintains he"ll be at the following debate, which has a town hall-style format and also is being held in Florida ~ above Oct. 15. A resource familiar v the discussions called NBC News that there"s a opportunity the Miami dispute may be held outside.

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The last debate, which is gift moderated through NBC"s Kristen Welker, is booked to take place in Nashville, Tennessee, top top Oct. 22. The will have the same style as the first, however the commission has actually said it"s considering changes aimed at making it less chaotic 보다 the Cleveland debate.