Tuna is just one of the many appealing seafood approximately the world. Anglers eagerly wait for the tuna season. However, you can’t precisely point out how long is tuna season since it relies on numerous factors.

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Mostly, the tuna fishing season counts on the winter. It almost ends once winter access time on full swing. You can also guess around the tuna season through observing the last winter season.

If the winter was severe, the tuna season will start from so late July and last for a much shorter time. Again, if the last winter to be mild, then you have the right to start thinking around fishing from June.


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How long is tuna fishing season?

Tuna fishing is an extremely adventurous and exciting. The best time for catching tuna is in between August and also September. The tuna fishing period lasts about six months, i m sorry starts in June and also ends in November.

Tuna Season in the USA

Tuna season in the USA different from state come state. Here, I will certainly answer the most asked question,“ how long is the tuna season?”

I will cite most of the areas where tuna fishing is popular and say exactly how long the lasts.


Florida is well-known as the funding of fishing. The warmth tropical weather is absolutely suitable for recording fish. That’s why human being don’t limit their tuna fishing season in Florida.

But that doesn’t average you can record tuna anytime. The great time because that tuna Anglers starts from May and also lasts till September.


Hawaii is a great tourist spot. If you want to uncover yellowfin tuna fish, you need to pay a visit come Hawaii. Apart from surfing, you can record tunas and enjoy the vibes the Hawaii.

However, if you want to recognize how long is yellowfin tuna season? climate I will certainly say that the season operation from might to September. But the ideal months because that tuna fishing in Hawaii room June, July, and also August.


Louisiana is one more hotspot for different seafood. Girlfriend can uncover delicious seafood all about the year in Louisiana. Girlfriend will discover different species of tuna, such as bluefin, blackfin, or yellowfin.


Texas has a sport in that is weather. If you are comfortable through the change, you have the right to think about fishing in Texas.

Texas is recognized as the best saltwater fishing area in the joined States. Regional fishers indicate that the perfect time because that tuna fishing will certainly be native July to November.


If you room not fond the bluefin tunas and instead love yellowfins, load your fishing gears and also start angling in Delaware. You will find yellowfin tunas there most of the time in a year.


So how lengthy is albacore tuna season in California? the time of albacore tuna fishing changes throughout the year. The most competitive fishing period is indigenous July come August.

Besides, January to May and October to December are recognized as the low seasons for tuna fishing. Still, California is terrific place the will sell all-time tuna fishing.


Albacore tuna deserve to be caught in the summertime. But how lengthy is tuna season in washington? The season might start from so late June and last it rotates November. However, the ideal time for albacore fishing is throughout August and September.

New England

The northeastern region of brand-new England is the best place because that bluefin tunas. Friend will never ever get worn down of trying out tunas here. The season start in June and closes in November. Friend can catch 100 to 600 pounds the tunas indigenous January to March.


Maine is a well-recognized Tuna point out in the northeast region. You might have an attention in knowing how lengthy is tuna season in maine? In Maine, the tuna season runs from June to November.

Bluefin tunas are accessible here. Yet according come the locals, in December, anglers occasionally capture tunas as well. A six month tuna season is not enough for Americans.

How long is tuna season in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is much more popular and easily accessible for tuna fishing in the summer. The adventures the anglers reach a great height because of the competition amongst them.

Tuna season begins here from at an early stage June and also lasts till the winter. Yet the perfect time will be August and also September in this region. Depending upon the weather, the tuna will certainly be available here. Mostly Massachusetts is best for bluefin tuna.

How lengthy is tuna season in the external banks?

The most interesting bluefin tuna season begins in the external banks. The at an early stage bluefin season start in November, and also it lasts till May. You can gain tuna from 100 feet water in November and also December.

But the many awaited season in the outer financial institutions is the late one. You can get giant tunas in this season. The late-season starts in February and also continues with the winter. You can need to take trip 50 miles to fish some of the huge bluefin tunas.

Other places for tuna fishing

Tuna lover reside all over the world. However not all locations are suitable for tuna fishing. Some of the locations outside the USA are additionally famous because that tuna fishing.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a world-class spot because that water-related activities. But unfortunately, the tuna season is shorter there. It just lasts a couple of months from may to August

Cape Town

Cape Town is just one of the exotic areas that is filled with the beauty beauty of wildlife. Catching tuna in Cape city is no much less than a dream comes true. Through the way, girlfriend will obtain a wide selection of tunas in Cape Town, including yellowfin, longfin, skipjack, and also bigeye tuna.


The major island the the Balearic islands in Spain is Mallorca. Late might is the perfect time to obtain tunas here. In the springtime, you will acquire tunas enjoying the heavenly beauty of the island.


Tenerife is one more island in Spain that is fantastic for tuna fishing. Obtain ready to reach there in between March to may for the best angling experience.

How lengthy is wicked tuna season?

The angry tuna present is among the best reality shows around tuna fishing. I have actually learned a lot about tuna and also tuna fishing time by the town hall this show. It has owned thousands of hearts of american who room crazy around tuna fishing.

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You have the right to watch and know exactly how long the tuna season big in various places. Each season of wicked tuna lasts for about three months and a half months. The display has aired numerous seasons due to the fact that 2012 and also ended in 2020.